5 Compelling Reasons to Sell a House for Cash

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The residential real estate market has seen record-high prices for homes. That pricing boom led a lot of people who were otherwise settled in their homes to decide that it was time to put their houses on the market. It often meant getting a sizeable return on their investment.

Of course, that also meant going through the lengthy process that happens when you sell property.

That leaves some homeowners looking around for an alternative, which is the ‘sell a house for cash’ option. Not sure if that’s right for you? Keep reading for five compelling reasons you should sell for cash.

1. Speed

Many homeowners delay selling because they hate the thought of weeks or months of home tours and then another month or two before closing the deal. When you sell your home to a cash buyer, the process is often remarkably quick.

Depending on the buyer, you may close the sale within a few weeks.

2. Skip the Staging

The buyers who make a cash offer rarely care about how or even if you stage your home. In many cases, they will do serious renovations that make any staging pointless.

That frees you up from the stress of cleaning, partial packing, and staging the home to make a particular impression.

3. Out of Code

Some homeowners cannot sell their homes through the traditional process because some part of the home is out of code. The normal sales process typically requires that the owner bring the structure up to code before the sale. Mortgage lenders typically won’t back a sale for an out-of-code home.

Cash buyers, such as www.DougHopkins.com, will routinely buy out of code homes with plans to fix those problems.

4. No Financing

One of the worst outcomes for a seller is when a deal falls through at the last minute because the buyer can get the financing. When you deal with cash buyers, that problem evaporates.

Cash buyers don’t even make an approach unless they already have the money to make the purchase right now.

5. Can Save You Money

Cash offers often come in under market value, but they also eliminate a lot of expenses on your end. For one, you often avoid realtor fees.

Beyond that, though, many sellers spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars getting a home ready for sale. With a cash sale, you almost always avoid those kinds of expenses in the process.

Should You Sell a House for Cash?

Taking the traditional route for selling a home can, potentially, maximize your profits. On the other hand, it can also cost you most of that extra profit as you prep the house for the sale. When you sell a house for cash, you get to take a pass on that.

You also avoid issues like financing falling through and getting the house up to code. Plus, you avoid staging and the long wait to close.

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