Do You Need a PRINCE2 Project Management Plan?

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When you make a business decision you need to be aware of all the possible outcomes. If there is one thing that you should be aware about is the point where you choose between outcomes that are possible or are not. When answering a question with Yes or No, we sometimes get an answer that may not fit our expectations, as explained on a good PRINCE2 Foundation Course London and training.

We often have goals or things to do that will need to be done in a defined time frame. If we asked ourselves what the time frame will be on the task or the project, we would be able to come up with a bit more information. If there is involvement that will need to take place at a specific time, such as interacting with our federal or state, then there will be certain specific things that will need to be completed. If we asked ourselves what would be the specific tasks that this might entail, we might find that there are daily and weekly task to be done.

Many times we sort through the tasks by getting a handle on how many tasks or projects are required to complete each day or week. If we asked ourselves how many hours this task will be completed each week, and if we have an actual schedule how this task will be broken up, we might find out that we are getting more done, not less. This is important information if we wanted to create a realistic plan or any kind of timeline for our responsibilities. This is important information for how we will manage our time and also how we will manage others.

Project management gives us this ability because we are able to plan for a finite amount of time and determine what projects will fit in what amount of time. For those of us who have been on the team that planned a race through the Grand Canyon, we know what we need to do day in and day out in order to compete. If we did not plan in our time we would not be able to compete, and that makes it less likely for us to be able to create a realistic timeline for completing the race. In our lives we may find that we were not planning everything, only what was important at the time. Now we will have to deal with that time, our resources and our actual workload.

When we plan our projects it allows us to answer the question “What am I working on at the specific time needed to complete this task”. When we answer the question, our mind can take a stepping back and determine if the tasks are just as important any other tasks that might need to be completed. A team may find that when they pick a project they are working on all of the different aspects are important. These may include finding ways to get to where the supplies are, dealing with politics on the project team, and dealing with other different aspects that will help move the project along. When the plan is completed, you will be able to have a realistic answer to your questions.

When a group of team members focus on their projects it gives everyone a respect for what is deemed important and what is just going to be off limits. It also gives everyone a real stake in what is being worked through. When a task is important everyone will try to make it essential or prevent it from being done. By having a plan you will only have to answer the one question “What am I working on at the specific time needed to complete this task”. When you know you are doing what is needed and when you are doing it you have control over what areactivity takes place, and if you are getting ahead or getting behind.

Being organized is great when you have started on a project and just can’t seem to stop and get things done each day. Being effective and efficient is vital in completing the tasks you need to get done. Now, you can know that you are working at the best time you need to and if you are a little behind, you won’t even be thinking that much about it.

When you do have your project management plans completed, be sure to review each project. Each person can benefit as they will have a better understanding of what parts of their responsibilities are completed and how long it will take to complete said tasks. Once you have your updates you will have smooth transition from one part of the project to the other. Planning is great, but it can also get cut short. If you finish the project and realize a task or the project plan ended earlier than expected, you will find out how to adjust to make up for it. Planning is great, but sometimes you can just let nature take its course.