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Modern RTA slim shaker cabinets present more than a passing trend; these cabinet doors offer an enduring appeal transcending the typical fad. Homeowners staunchly favor the slim design when undertaking major kitchen remodels.  

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These are relatively new but have become vastly popular in their brief existence for their style and versatility. No matter your design scheme, the RTA thin shaker doors’ minimal aesthetic and clean lines create a seamless fit for many interior styles.  

While they look fabulous in virtually any paint color, emerald, green is a favored choice—vibrant, brilliant, and stunning. While most are choosing the slim shaker green style, how do you choose the right RTA—ready-to-assemble cabinets? We will dive into that below.  

Choosing RTA Kitchen Cabinets  

Many homeowners undertaking kitchen makeovers choose RTA— ready to assemble Slim Shaker Green Cabinets, often in an emerald green vibrant shade. These cabinets make a statement with their bold, stunning color, while the minimalist, clean lines fit seamlessly with most interior aesthetics.  

But how does one choose and order the best RTA—ready-to-assemble cabinets? The cabinets are the primary focal point for the kitchen. You want them to be made of durable, sturdy material, high-quality, and well-made. Here are a few tips to include on your checklist when shopping for RTA slim shaker cabinets.  

The durability  

The misperception is that RTA cabinets are less-than-durable. As with any product, this depends on the quality of the product. When looking at authentic RTA materials with reputable brands, these will offer higher quality and an extended lifespan.  

Kitchen cabinets need to be exceptionally sturdy since they hold weighty items, including dishware. Investing in the cheapest options on the market to save on the remodeling budget could cost you more money in the long term by forcing you to replace cabinets that become damaged over time.  

Investing more will ensure the cabinets can stand up to abuse over an extended lifespan without the need for frequent repairs or replacements.  

The material used for RTA cabinets should be plywood or wood with a solid composition tested and certified for guaranteed durability. These will not only hold weight but also be resistant to heat and humidity, which could cause a lesser-quality option to fade and expand.  

The type  

A range of RTA kitchen cabinets is available, so it is necessary to have an idea before shopping for what you prefer in terms of style and features. The opening/closing should be effortless with soft mechanisms.  

The cabinet’s stability will depend on the structure, a priority for overall performance. The best RTA cabinets come with hardwood frames. You can also get a frameless cabinet. These need proper installation but then will operate exceptionally.  

The interior should be checked to avoid sharp edges and potential injuries. This area should be smooth. The shelving should be substantial, not thin, to withstand weight. You want RTA cabinets customized to suit your requirements. Go here for guidance on selecting RTA cabinets for your kitchen remodel.  

Shop online 

In the past, it was a hassle to travel distances to find the best materials for remodels and renovations. Thanks to technological advances, homeowners can now research products online using a mobile device, tablet, or laptop.  

Many of the online RTA cabinet suppliers offer affordable prices, allowing homeowners to stay within their remodeling budget regardless of where they shop. Some sellers also offer promotional deals or discounts to first-time shoppers to entice business.   

You will definitely want to do due diligence in research to find a credible resource. The benefits of online sellers include the time, effort, and money you will save. Plus, they will arrive immediately following your order placement, with many offering no extra charges for delivery.  


A sad reality of ordering online is that you can sometimes get the wrong item. When buying a kitchen full of cabinets, that is the last thing you want to happen. To avoid this problem after deciding on the style you want, request that the seller send a sample door before you commit to the order.  

Not only can you ensure that the seller has the correct item selected for you, but you can also use the sample to check how it will fit with the new space design. This will also allow you to test the materials’ quality and durability.  

If it is not quite what you want, you will have only paid for a sample and can easily make changes or go to a different seller if the quality is less than that for which you hoped. Contact a different provider if the seller does not provide a sample door.  

 Any reputable, reliable supplier will be more than willing to offer a sample if it brings a new customer to their business.  

 Final Thought  

The best RTA slim shaker green cabinets will enhance any kitchen space. These tips will ensure that you save time, effort, and expense when shopping for options that serve your purpose. 

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