Major Changes in Criminal Law that Will Directly Affect You

A criminal conviction can have long-term effects on your life. The legal ramifications can even be harmful to your loved ones, depending on the crime you have been convicted of. Thankfully, you can avoid a conviction when you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN who is committed to helping you clear your names and avoid possible penalties. They will work hard to establish a powerful case, so you will be found not guilty by a jury.  

What Charges Your Lawyer Can Defend You Against?

No matter the specific charges you are facing, your attorney will represent you. Below are some of the crimes your defense lawyer can defend you against:

Sex crimes.

A sex crime charge like sexual assault, rape, prostitution, solicitation, or indecent exposure can have you facing serious consequences when convicted. 


When you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and you cause a fatal vehicle crash, you need a skilled attorney to defend you. A DUI conviction can require you to pay fines or spend time in jail.

Drug crimes.

A drug crime charge should not be taken lightly because you can spend time in prison for many years when convicted. 

Burglary or theft.

A theft and burglary charge occurs when you are accused of entering another person’s property with the intent to steal or commit a felony. 

Criminal Penalties

The penalties you may face when convicted depend on the kind of crime you are charged with. For example, a DUI conviction can have you facing up to $15, 000 fines and up to 8 years of license revocation. A sex crime conviction can result in you spending up to thirty years in prison.

Convictions for violent crimes like murder could have you spend the rest of your life in jail or face the death penalty when you committed a capital murder. No matter your crime, you must work with an experienced attorney to make sure you have a solid team on your side that is willing to do everything to get you absolved of the charges.

Creating a Strong Defense Strategy

Getting a not guilty verdict is not easy. But, the prosecutor has the burden of proof to establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your attorney knows how to put doubt in the jury’s mind that you are guilty of your charges. 

A knowledgeable lawyer can give the jury or judge some alternative theories regarding what happened on the day the offense was allegedly committed. They will examine the facts and circumstances of your case to determine the defense strategy to use to ensure a favorable outcome.