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Wrestling requires agility, strength, and reflexes and is considered an intense form of martial arts. Whether you have practiced for a while or are a beginner, you require proper gear to minimize the possibility of sustaining injuries. Below is a list of the essential equipment you need for wrestling.


Mouthguards assist in covering the teeth and gums. They are made of a thermopolymer material that minimizes the intensity of impacts by distributing and absorbing the shock. The mouthpiece also assists the upper and lower jaw in aligning to distribute the shock evenly to reduce the likelihood of fractures. Mouthguards prevent dental injuries and protect the brain and jaws when wrestling. The two types of mouthguards include the boil and bite and custom fitting types. Some people also prefer double mouthguards over single ones since they provide extra protection.

Headgear, Ear Guard

Wrestling is an intense combat sport and may cause various injuries when wrestlers hit their heads on the ground unprotected. Use headgear during San Diego wrestling training to minimize the impact and cushion the blows. Ear guards have the head, neck, and chin straps; chin straps can be adjusted to provide a better fit. They ensure the ears are safe from the head to minimize issues when you receive forceful blows to your head. The headgear material is lightweight, which enables you to move the head swiftly to provide ear protection. Purchase headgear that does not impede your vision by choosing the suitable material and design. The material has to wick the sweat fast to avoid interfering with your eyesight when it gets into your eyes.

Wrestling Shoes

Purchase shoes recommended by wrestling pros as they provide balance, grip, and mobility to enable you to perform complex moves, including takedowns. Wrestling shoes are designed to support your foot and minimize ankle injuries during the training session. It is the most vital gear for people participating in wrestling training, so take your time deciding on the shoes and brands to purchase. Different wrestlers use varying styles, which means that one shoe may be a perfect fit for a specific wrestler but fail to impress the other. Always check what real wrestlers recommend regarding fitting and models while choosing wrestling shoes to ensure you make an informed decision.


Kneepads are made of either EVA, polyester, or rubber. They often have enough foam to lower impacts when your knees hit the mats. It prevents mat burns, irritations, and rashes and provides comfortable sessions on mats. They provide a degree of movement that enables the wrestler to perform various techniques efficiently. The design is unique and flexible, allowing you to perform advanced wrestling techniques and defend takedowns. The material used should not slip and has to be comfortable, especially during training.


Mats cushion the impact when you fall. Wrestling mats are designed to prevent repetitive compression and falls, preventing wrestlers from sustaining injuries. They create a training environment that is safe for wrestlers to do their practice. They absorb takedown impacts from various wrestling techniques by providing a smooth surface for training. The material is usually easy to wash, and mats are easily carried for convenience.

The proper training gear allows you to protect yourself when participating in wrestling training. Keep your equipment clean and dry to minimize the possibility of ill health.

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