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If you want to start a dental practice then you are going to need some things. A room for your dental practice, a location with lots of traffic, a solid marketing campaign, and of course, the tools and supplies to take on any oral problem that happens to come your way. You might not have the money to buy everything a high end dentist’s office has but in order to start you need to at least have these dental supplies on hand and ready to be used.

Sterilization Equipment And A Sterile Area

No matter what you might be doing for your dental practice, you will need to have a sterile area as well as a place to clean all of your items. This will ensure that everyone is kept healthy and you aren’t performing any cross contamination. Dental wipes, autoclave machines, and a powerful sink with access to soap and water are all things that you need to invest in at the start up. You should also know how to use these items from day one and ensure everything has the time to get sterilized.

Having a central instrument processing area where you can safely clean, disinfect, sterilize, and store your dental tools and equipment is helpful. It should be divided into ‘clean’ and ‘dirty areas and should have a system of sorting and storage so the dirty tools don’t just pile up and create a lot of work for whoever is going to clean them.

An X-ray Machine 

If you are doing your x-rays on site, then you need some type of X-ray machine to complete the task. Whether it is big enough to have its own room, or just a small camera that the patient bites down on, you need to have the proper facilities for it. This can also include power, and the machinery that processes the X-rays and sends them where they need to go.

Sedation Tools and Nitrous Oxide

This will depend on your patients, but if you plan to be doing a lot of surgery or other similar procedures in your dental practice, having a few different ways to sedate your patients as well as the knowledge of how to operate the sedation tools is essential. You might decide you want to offer oral sedation that the patient takes in the waiting room, or IV sedation that requires additional equipment. 

Organizational Supplies

This might seem like it has nothing to do with dentistry, but just like any other office, dental practices can get dirty really fast. Plus, you will need things like pens, paper, folders, printers, paper clips, batteries, and other small items. In order to keep your office organized, as well as your patient’s dental records properly complied, you need to invest in some type of organization system.

Keeping all your supplies stored in one place, as well as keeping a clean and clutter free dentist’s office can greatly reduce problems caused by disorganization, which can lead to mistakes and slower response times by your staff.

Good Dental Chairs

Finally, a good dental chair can be very helpful whenever it comes to your patient’s satisfaction and comfort. Being at the dentist is already hard enough, and it can be uncomfortable enough without sitting and lying back in an uncomfortable chair. Making sure to invest in a modern chair with back support and a gentle touch can help patients feel better, and can give dentists much better access to their patients’ mouths.

Chairs can also be important for dentists too, along with their patients, and giving them a comfortable chair can improve their willingness to work and fight fatigue.

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Know When To Scale Up

The best equipment for dental practices will get you pretty far as a startup, but whenever you start to scale and expand your business, you will be able to get better equipment. Figure out what needs you currently aren’t meeting, and go from there. For example, your patients might be coming in to get their teeth replaced or to get dentures and you need a system to take molds of the mouth and send them off. If you don’t have this, you’ll need to get it and then start meeting that need.

Don’t be afraid to scale and purchase upgrades and additional equipment whenever you need them, because the more people you can serve with the equipment, the more money you and your dentist’s office have coming in! 
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