Having Issues With Shade Tolerant Sod? Ask These 10 Questions

People have different kinds of lawns in their homes. Some areas are exposed to the sun more than others. But the issue creates for the sod grass that is in the shade. But you can find companies through Sod Suppliers Near Me that can help you with shade-tolerant sod grass.

10 Questions About Shade Tolerant Sod Issues

If you have sod grass installed in the shade then several issues can occur because not all grasses do well in the shaded areas. It is a good thing that you ask a few important questions before installing grass in the shade.

Why Growing Sod In Shade Is Difficult?

The very first question that comes to your mind is why it is so difficult to grow the grass under the shade? The main reason behind this is that sunlight is either completely blocked or it reaches in very little quantity.

How Much Sun Light Is Required?

If the sod s getting 4 hours of sunlight daily then it can thrice easily. But the sun should shine for 6 hours on the grass to get great results. Make sure that the grass is getting that amount.

Can Multiple Species Of Grass Be Combined?

Many kinds of grasses are available at Sod Wholesale Suppliers Near Me. Some have high tolerance but others don’t. So, a combination of both types can be laid to get the best outcomes.

Will Punning The Plants And Trees Help?

If the trees and plants are coming in the way of sunlight reaching the grass then trimming the branches of trees and plants can benefit. The sunlight should reach the roots as well.

Is Mowing Technique Different Under The Shade?

The leaves of the grass should be shorter under the shade as compared to other areas. Longer leaves will block the sunlight from reaching the roots. Mowing the grass short will allow more sunlight to reach the grass.

Can Sod Suppliers Near Me Help With Shade Tolerant Sod?

Yes, this is the best option that you can have by hiring an installation team of sod suppliers like Atlanta Sod Farms. The team members will examine the area and suggest the right type of grass for shaded areas.

Should Watering Be More For Sod In The Shade?

Experts suggest two reasons for the dried soil in the shady areas. One is that the trees absorb most of the moisture. Second, rainwater doesn’t reach properly to the roots. So, a large quantity of water has to be given.

Is Fertilizing Technique The Same For Shade Tolerant Sod?

For the sod grass that has tolerance to shade; fertilizer should be applied normally. But if another type is laid; then one-third amount of the fertilizer should be applied.

Will The Type Of Trees Affect The Growth Of Sod?

The trees that have a thick canopy restrict the sunlight. You should avoid laying grass under these trees.

Which Kind Of Sod Grass Is Best For Shaded Areas?

 The installation team of companies hired through the Sod Suppliers Near Me option will provide excellent suggestions on the type of sod grass that is best for the lawn that has shaded areas.

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