Hiring Trends
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Last Updated on March 1, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Recruitment trends lean towards offering more education and training for potential candidates to guarantee a better quality applicant. One of the new hiring trends that are expected to take hold in the next decade is the increasing focus on graduates. Graduates with the training and certification necessary to complete the assigned tasks in the company. 

Data-Driven Recruitment

It’s true that companies are now turning to data-driven recruitment because of more applicants. A recruitment agency is your trusted source to scale and data makes the process seamless. To turn up without a good enough reason to present themselves. No matter how qualify you are or how highly skilled you are. If you don’t present yourself well, no matter what industry you’re working in, chances are you’ll be bypass, and your application will go straight into the circular file. With data-driven recruitment, companies need not waste their precious time looking through hundreds of applications. They could instead keep track of the candidates who seem to be most qualified to the job they’re offering.

There are several different ways that recruiters have already started leveraging big data to improve their hiring process. Using metrics to determine who the top candidates are, how they performed against expectations and more. Can help recruiters quickly pinpoint what kind of candidates to tap into for a particular position. It can also help cut down the time it takes for recruiters to sort through the of applications once a job has been filled. In addition to streamlining the hiring process, data can also help reduce costs by reducing the amount of time spent on recruitment by speeding up the decision-making process.

Video recruitment is similar to telephone interviews in that the applicant has to answer interview on the video call, usually through a webcam. The applicant questions have been pre-plan by the recruitment agency. Video interviews are more preferred than telephone interviews because the process involves interaction between the candidates and not between a machine. The video recruitment trend has grown in the past few years, and several recruitment agencies have started to offer video services to their clients. This service is very attractive to both applicants and recruitment agencies.

In addition to face interaction, another major advantage it is that it eliminates ‘hassle’ of interviewing both employer and candidates. When candidates are interview over the phone, it may be difficult for them to remember answers. This other factors that may be crucial to successful interview. Video interviews eliminate this ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario of the application process. More recruiting agencies are offering this innovative technology as a part of the application process. With a greater focus on video quality.

Temporary Staffing

Temp-recruitment is something that can be use by almost all organizations across the world with success. The main reason for this is that it does not require any investment in terms of a permanent establishment. Since it is mostly the unemployed who are in need of such jobs. Mostly temporary employees get paid on the basis of an hourly rate. With all this in mind, it is anticipated that the employment figures in the coming year would grow quite rapidly. It is taking the job market to great heights. The statistics studied in detail and reported show a significant pick up in demand for temporary staffing across the world. In the coming year due to changing market dynamics there will drastic change in temporary staffing. As the number of unemployed people has significantly reduced in the recent period, many companies have realized the benefits.

A Trend For Social Media Recruiting

One of the ways of recruiting people is to use social media. There are many Recruiting Tabs available in the market these days, but most of them have only limited capacity to provide the necessary assistance in terms of the right candidate for the job. Most recruiters use social media to search for their ideal candidates through a variety of different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

In Nutshell

The hiring trend that most businesses follow is the trend towards professional hiring. In this era of specialization, companies require right talent to get the job complete right. Therefore, the trend towards professional hiring helps to define the kind of people they are willing to hire to get the job complete, whether it is for entry-level or upper-level positions. These professionals are expected to understand how to work as part of a team, develop the right kind of working style, communicate effectively, demonstrate initiative, set goals, and be willing to take risks and share leadership qualities.