How Can Solar Panels Boost Property Resale

Across the nation, an increasing number of individuals are outfitting their living spaces with installing solar panels. This eco-conscious enhancement has garnered growing favor, and properties powered by solar energy frequently command higher prices and quicker sales compared to dwellings lacking solar panels. 

In this article, we will explore the growing trend of solar panels on properties and how installing them can increase a property’s value and appeal to buyers. Given the current popularity of eco-friendly updates, many sellers are finding solar to be a smart investment that really pays off on resale. Let’s delve deeper into the financial and environmental benefits that solar panels offer.

 In recent years, solar energy has become much more prevalent. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), over 4 million properties in the U.S. now utilize solar panels as of 2022. Experts anticipate that figure will continue to rise annually as solar energy gains further popularity. There are several factors driving the increasing adoption of solar power.

Financial Incentives – There are federal, state and local programs that lower the cost of installing solar panels through cash back, tax credits, and other savings. This makes going solar more affordable.

Lower Electric Bills – Properties with solar panels save an average of $1,000 per year on electricity because the sun’s energy is free once the panels are installed. Locking in lower electric rates for 20+ years makes financial sense.

Eco-Friendly – 76% of recent dwelling purchasers expressed that energy efficiency and other “green” attributes are significant to them when searching for a living space. Solar panels are in line with sustainable and eco-conscious living principles..

Higher Resale Value –  Dwellings with solar panels sell for approximately 4-8% more money on average than dwellings without solar panels, because buyers highly value the energy savings and environmental advantages.

For property owners seeking to sell their assets, the increasing enthusiasm surrounding solar presents an excellent opportunity to implement eco-friendly enhancements that will draw in potential buyers.

Making Back Your Money from Solar

Before making any property enhancement, most sellers want to know if they’ll make back their money when they sell. With solar units, the return on investment is impressive.

High Returns – According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most solar unit systems provide returns of 20% or more. And as electricity rates increase over the years, the savings and value solar units provide will keep going up.

Increased Resale Value – Researchers have found that property buyers are willing to pay 4-8% more for properties with solar units. For the average U.S. property, that translates into over $15,000 in added resale value.

Faster Sales – Because solar properties are in such high demand, they spend about 25% less time on the market on average compared to properties without solar power. That puts more money back into the seller’s pocket.

Financial Incentives – Tax credits and local solar incentives help offset around 26% of the cost of installing solar, including industrial solar installation services, on average. More savings means better returns on investment.

For anyone looking to maximize their sale price, solar units  deliver excellent long-term value in multiple ways – making them a very smart upgrade.

Lower Electric Bills Through Clean Energy

In addition to increasing property value, solar units also directly reduce monthly electricity expenses by generating renewable energy. Right after installation, most solar unit systems provide around 20% in immediate utility bill savings.

If a solar system costs $15,000 to install, it would provide over $30,000 in electricity savings to the owner over the next 20 years, according to estimates from the Solar Energy Industries Association. These energy savings truly accumulate.

On top of that, property owners can take advantage of federal tax credits covering 26% of solar installation costs, as well as additional refunds and rebates from state and city programs. Taking all the savings and incentives together, going solar ends up costing much less out-of-pocket than people expect.

During resale, prospective buyers also look closely at utility costs. So being able to advertise lowered electricity bills through renewable solar power makes properties even more attractive to buyers focused on saving money.

Surveys indicate that about 9 out of 10 recent property buyers stated that energy efficiency and other environmentally-conscious features are very important or required when they evaluate properties. Solar panels perfectly fulfill that eco-friendly appeal

Going green can also contribute to sustainability certifications like LEED, NGBS Green, and Energy Star. properties equipped with solar panels have a much better chance of qualifying for these exclusive green certifications. They demonstrate to buyers a property’s sustainability credentials and modern upgrades.

Moreover, there are additional environmental advantages. Over a span of 20 years, the renewable energy generated by a standard property solar system prevents over 100,000 miles worth of auto emissions, according to EnergySage. This substantial reduction in a property’s carbon footprint strongly resonates with most buyers in the current market.

Solar Panels aid properties in Standing Out

Amidst fierce competition in the real estate market, it’s crucial that listings differentiate themselves by offering features buyers desire most. This is where installing solar panels can significantly enhance resale potential.

Properties with solar panels automatically have an extra selling point to promote over comparable listings without solar. And with energy efficiency and sustainability being top priorities for most shoppers now, solar-powered properties cater perfectly to what buyers are looking for.

In fact, a UCLA study revealed that buyers are, on average, willing to pay an extra $15,000 for a property equipped with solar panels compared to an identical property without solar power. This underscores the substantial premium a solar system can command.


 For any vendor aiming to maximize their selling price, solar panels are an exceedingly valuable enhancement that promptly enhances resale value. Reduced utility expenses, fiscal incentives, environmentally conscious design, and inherent street-side allure give solar-powered dwellings an advantage over the competition. 

Investing in solar translates into both financial and environmental dividends for years to come.

Analyze your property’s solar potential to determine if you could be saving money while future-proofing your do’s value. With ample discounts and incentives available, solar panels make good financial sense and environmental sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much extra value do solar panels add for resale?

On average, vendors of properties with solar panels receive approximately 4% higher bids, equating to roughly $15,000 more equity. Nonetheless, premiums fluctuate in diverse markets.

Do solar panels require special maintenance?

Solar panels necessitate minimal maintenance, merely periodic inspections and rinses to eliminate dirt. Negligible exertion is needed to sustain solar systems operating efficiently for decades.

What solar payment options exist for property owners?

Financing alternatives encompass solar loans, solar leases, and solar power purchase agreements (PPAs). These frameworks allow  property owners to adopt solar power without any upfront investment while immediately benefiting from reductions in energy bills. Additionally, solar financing can be legally transferred to buyers if the property is sold.