How to act like a serious crypto investor

Last Updated on March 10, 2024 by Umer Malik

The art of acting to be someone or as a professional can bring up either of the two sides of an individual: the stupid or the smart one. No one prefers to be a stupid person. When you are acting as a cryptocurrency investor, it gets severe. It needs more than acting skills to look like an investor in Blockchain technology.

Crypto and blockchain are full of complications that a beginner can not understand within a few days or by hearing from someone. It requires proper research and study to be a beginner-level crypto investor. If you are planning to start your trading journey, you may go to website of a trusted platform and start trading using bitcoin. To be a proper crypto investor, you need to understand first what crypto is, what are its benefits and disadvantages and then decide if this field is your gateway to making profits or not.

In this article, we will discuss some of the information related to Blockchain with all its ups and downs.


Cryptocurrency is a digital commodity that depends on a distributed framework. It refers to a network of nodes that are high-processing computers serving as data processors. These computers verify the data transactions and validate them. It is called mining, and the individuals involved in them are miners.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized in nature, which means that they are bound to no government or bank. Any associated problem, rate, or transactions are totally handled by the miner or participants involved in blockchain networking. It is totally free from any third-party influence, which is why no government body or bank can have a say in this network.

All the crypto transactions are validated and verified within the network by available nodes working in the network. Also, once the transaction is confirmed, it is sent to the chain, which engages with other blocks to form a  blockchain.

Moreover, the existence of the framework on a divided structure ensures the security of the data. It also discourages the past trend of data accumulation by tech giants. It also prevents regulation authorities from keeping a record of these activities.  


The circulation of conventional currencies is under regulation by financial authorities and ministries. Each conventional currency has ratas weightage depending on the reserves of the country. It reflects the record keeping of finances going in and out of the country. Any off-record activity raises alarms. The cryptocurrencies’ decentralization raised tons of alarms around the globe as no regulatory authority could get access to record the transactions.

The attempt at the legalization of cryptocurrencies has proven to be useless. No Cryptocurrency is ownership of a private or a public venture. It means that Blockchain technology has its jurisdiction for keeping a record of transactions, and that’s what makes the cryptocurrency unreachable.


  • It doesn’t require any third-party interference to ensure safety and security. The decentralization behavior provides a secure platform.
  • The transactions of cryptocurrencies require wallets that hold the information of investors. Therefore, its digital form makes transactions rapid and instant. These transactions only require private and public keys that act as identities.
  • The absence of intermediaries reduces the transaction charges and avoids delays.


  • Cryptocurrencies are encrypted data processing which may refer to a secure platform, but it does leave traces behind. These traces lead to the possibility of tracking by any skilled team with the capability of encryption. It opens up the voids that no one prefers.
  • The traceless investment in cryptocurrencies serves as motivation for individuals with harmful intents. It promotes money laundering, a significant setback for governments worldwide faces. There are even drug traffickers and dealers that charge in cryptocurrency for drugs. Likewise, cybercriminals charge digital ransom due to a lack of record keeping.
  • The generation of cryptocurrency requires high-spec computer systems that consume high power.
  • The unavoidable setback faced by every investor is the volatility of Blockchain technology commodities. Investors hate it as it snatches their prediction capability putting an end to their target expectations.


It is not a good choice to act as a pro-investor to avoid disappointments. Blockchain technology is still in the infancy stages of progress. Therefore, having complete knowledge of Blockchain technology is almost uncertain, and acting like you know it all is not good.

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