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If you think that your child’s ears are only responsible for making them hear your voice, you are wrong. Ears play an essential role in maintaining balance, making them essential for your child’s first balanced steps. Hearing is the first step of language development so if you want to make your child learn the language you want, it’s time you start taking care of these precious organs.

 Ear care is important in all ages but the fact that unlike you your child can not take care of their ears makes it even more important in childhood. You will know when you feel pain or any irritation in your ears, but if your child feels any such thing you won’t be able to tell oftentimes. So it is best to leave no room for any such calamity to happen.

 Any problem in the ear can cause excruciating pain. The worst part is that you can not even pinpoint the problem area, as it is completely out of reach. In instances like these, you are left at the mercy of either cue tip, which by the way can cause more harm, or an ENT specialist. So, it is best to take care of your and your child’s ear from the very beginning.

 The Importance Of Ear Care

 The most common ear issue in children is an ear infection. The good news is that it can be prevented by taking good care of your child’s ears. All you need to do is, just avoid secondhand smoke exposure, keep up with the vaccines, take care of their overall health and be careful of anything entering the ear. The most important aspect of ear care is the right way to clean them. I know, being a mother you want to keep your child very clean. But can your obversion with your kids’ hygiene cause any harm? Yes. If you don’t clean your baby’s ear the right way, it can cause permanent damage that can lead to hearing loss and deafness in the future.

How To Clean Your Child’s ears?

If you want to clean your child’s ears, do it the right way. Following are some tips and methods that will help you clean your child’s ear and let them maintain good ear health.

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 Do Not Clean

 Yes, this is the best and the most important tip you will get. Ears have a self-cleansing mechanism. You do not need to get in there with sharp tools and cue tips to remove all the wax. The wax you want to clean is beneficial for ear health. Ear wax is important for preventing any dirt and foreign objects to get near the ear canal. Complete removal of this wax can make your child’s ear more susceptible to damage, injury, and infection.

 You only need to clean the exterior of the ear, if there are any visible foreign particles and dirt. The ear wax should only be removed if it has hardened enough to cause a problem in normal hearing. Leave the ear wax removal to a professional and stick to the exterior and visible parts of the ear.

 Avoid Cue Tips

 We buy cue tips in our monthly grocery and use them as an essential tool to maintain hygiene. But doctors advise otherwise. Using cue tips can lead to severe ear infections and pain. Also, if you think that they will pull the wax out of your child’s ear, you are wrong. Cue tips will only push the ear to the side or further into the ear canal. Also, the cue tip will leave its cotton residue inside your child’s ear giving it a reason to get infected and cause pain.

 Stick To A Soft Cloth

 Now that you know that you should put anything inside your child’s ear, you must keep the exterior clean only. For that, the best tool is a simple soft washcloth. Just wipe the exterior with a cloth. You can wet the cloth if needed. Wrap the cloth around your finger, wipe the back and front of the ear, wipe the inside of the ear, till where your finger reaches. Do not try to force your finger into the inner clear as it can cause extreme pain and damage.

 Soften The Earwax

 As you are not allowed to use cotton swabs to remove the earwax completely. It is best to keep the wax soft and let any of the soft wax out naturally. Keep in mind that this should be done only when the ear wax is quite hard.

 Put two drops of olive oil or mineral water in the ear canal and leave it for almost five minutes. You will see the cerumen (ear wax) soften and loosen significantly. Make sure your child is lying down on the side, with one ear facing up at a time. This will prevent the fluid from running out of the ear.

 If this doesn’t work, you can use over-the-counter products like Debrox to do the same thing.

 Consult An ENT Specialist

 As mentioned before, ear wax does not need removal as your child’s ear is capable of cleaning itself. In some cases it becomes necessary to remove the wax, here you will need to consult the best ENT specialist in Lahore through The professional doctor will not only provide a careful cleanse but will help you know about the overall ear health of your child. 

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