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No one wants to cohabitate with rodents or even exist in the same vicinity. This rodent problem is one that every homeowner has to deal with once or more times in their stay. These creatures breed quickly and once they are on your property, they need to be addressed as urgently and thoroughly as possible. Once you face this problem, know that it is not an easy task to undertake so if you have the energy and time, you can handle it alone but if it is not worth the hassle then, calling  Olympia rodent control to handle this on your behalf will prove to be time effective.

Here are some of the ways to control rodent infestations around us:


Like all other pests, rodents go in search of food, moisture, and warmth. You mustn’t become their source of food. Ensuring that your food storage solutions do not attract unwanted guests to your kitchen. Also be keen on how you dispose of waste and clean up after using up utensils and wiping down kitchen counters with disinfectant. Sanitation should also be upheld within your compound and in your drainage solutions, broken pipes should be fixed to ensure no place would be fitting for a rodent stay.


Even with hygiene being the best way to control rodents, you still find that even the cleanest houses have a rodent problem. The house should be inspected for possible entry levels for mice and rats. Wooden doors should be outlined with strong steel to cover up spaces between the frames, the windows also need to be fitted properly with no spaces. The flooring should be superb with no crack or holes underground that can be gnawed by rodents to pave the way.


This is by bringing a cat into your household. It is not to mean that cats control an infestation of rodents in any way but its presence in your house scares away the mice keeping your house rodent-free.


This is an easy way to deal with rodents in your homes. There are different types of traps that you can choose from; an electricity trap or a snap trap system. They both trap the mice on track and in successful cases kill them instantly. For them to be effective they will be placed in different areas of the house where there is suspected mice activity.


It is the use of chemicals placed in baits for the rats to consume. They are commonly known as rodenticides which are placed in foods like peanut butter, cheese, and ground meat. While mixing up this dangerous concoction, great caution should be taken as these chemicals are harmful to humans too. With rodents being very observant creatures, the right amount should be mixed up not to raise suspicion to the mice and for this method to be effective.

The above methods are some ways to deal with rodent control but are not limited. New ways are being discovered so always ensure to keep up with upcoming modern techniques.

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