How to Get a Prescription From a Doctor Online

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It’s not always easy to get the help you need: a large number of Americans agree that getting proper medical care is far more difficult than they feel it should be. This can be especially true given how much the average family pays for access to health insurance.

Sometimes, convenience can be more helpful than anything else. Theoretically, the world of the web should have made such things easier for all of us. However, many people still find it difficult to get a prescription from a doctor online.

If you’re trying to get the medication you need without having to go flag down a doctor in person, what can you do? Are there options out there? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics of what you need to know.

A lot of people aren’t even certain if a doctor can legally prescribe a patient medication when speaking with them online. While there are some limitations when it comes to what a doctor can and cannot prescribe online, the short answer is actually yes.

Doctors do have the legal right to prescribe mediation for a large swath of different maladies. This can all happen with a quick online discussion with the person suffering.

There is no special qualification for this kind of practice either. If the physician in question is qualified to prescribe medication when meeting a patient in person, they are also qualified to do so over the internet.

The doctor in question must be board-certified. They also must make the call whether they want to prescribe medication for a patient after speaking to them.

How To Get a Prescription Online?

So, great: there is no legal concern when it comes to getting a prescription that you might need online. However, you still might not be entirely sure of how to go about the process of obtaining one.

The first thing you’ll need to do is connect with a doctor for an online appointment. There are a number of ways to do this.

Your primary care doctor and the medical establishment you visit most regularly might have a system in place for virtual appointments. If you’re not certain how this would work, you can call your doctor and inquire for more information.

There are other options outside of your primary care doctor as well. Many quick clinics offer virtual consultations, and even large brands like CVS or Walgreens have the capability to match medical providers and patients online.

Independent websites like Quickrxrefill also offer this kind of medical service and specialize in getting patients through the process quickly and efficiently.

Generally, when a doctor logs on, the patient will have time to walk them through their symptoms and their concerns. The medical professional will ask a number of questions and might ask for visual references from the patient.

Based on this information, the doctor might suggest the patient come in for a physical check-up, or they might feel comfortable prescribing some sort of medication right away.

How an Online Doctor Prescription Works?

If an online doctor is ready to prescribe medication after this video chat, how does that process work? It’s quite similar to how prescribing medication works in any kind of in-person doctor visit.

The doctor in question will write a prescription and will inquire about a pharmacy in your area that you would like to have the prescription filled at.

Some online medical care providers might even have in-person locations where you can go to pick up, making the system more seamless. Even more convenient, many of these locations might have drive-through pick-up options. You might not even have to leave your car to get the medication you need.

Other providers might even take things a step further if you can believe it. Many providers are now offering prescription mail services. That means you can get the medication you need within a day or two of your appointment.

This medication can actually be delivered right to your very own door.

While not all providers currently offer this kind of service, it is becoming increasingly popular. Not all medications will be permitted to be delivered in this way, but if you are suffering from a somewhat common malady, you’ll likely be eligible.

What Can’t Be Prescribed Online?

As we mentioned previously, while one can obtain an online doctor’s prescription in many cases, there are some scenarios where it will not be permitted.

No online prescription guide would be complete without mentioning what kind of medication you can’t obtain from the web. Prescriptions for any and all controlled substances, such as Adderall, are usually not going to be available via an online doctor except under rare circumstances.

Narcotics, painkillers and any kind of drug that tends to have addictive qualities are also less likely to be released to a patient through the web.

After an in-person prescription is granted, there is a higher chance that a prescription could be refilled through a virtual call. However, there is a slim chance any of these types of medications would be prescribed without an in-person visit occurring first.

Get a Prescription From a Doctor Online

Looking to get a prescription from a doctor online? Depending on what you need, you may have your work cut out for you. However, getting an online prescription isn’t as hard as you may think and the above advice can help connect you with the medication you need.

Have more questions about online medical care? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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