How to get ideas for homecoming dresses

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As students begin to get excited about homecoming, girls everywhere are in search of the perfect dress. While many look through magazines and websites for inspiration, some turn directly to their friends.

After being asked “Where did you get your dress from?”,  a common response is “My mom made it.”

Association of homecoming dresses

Homecoming dresses are usually associated with expensive department store brands and exclusive designers, but not every girl has the money to purchase a dress from these stores.  With a little creativity and patience, girls can cheapen or even free themselves from this expense by altering the clothes they already have in their closets.

How does a girl feel?

If a girl is feeling artistic, going the route of altering clothes might be the way to go. This option allows girls to customize their own look and ensure that they will be comfortable in their dress for dance night. Two main ways of doing this have been seen on television shows such as “Project Runway” and at home on girls’ blogs. A blogger for “Style Rookie” said that she realised that, with a few alterations to an old dress, she could have something new and unique. Another way of customising clothes is through the use of spray paint. This option can be more challenging since it requires making stencils or taking measurements of the girl’s body.

If a girl is not feeling artistic, she can still find a way to make her own dress without spending money. For example, one may be able to order the right fabric from a company and have it shipped straight home. With this option, girls will have plenty of choices as to colors and patterns. There are also local stores that have cheap fabric that can be used to make a dress from scratch. While this option might be more time consuming, it is still a cheaper alternative to purchasing a store-bought dress.

Options for girls

If cost and time are not an issue, girls may opt to purchase a pre-made dress or go shopping for one. Despite the fact that the dress may be more expensive than the other options, it is much easier and quick to purchase one.

If creativity is not an option, girls should consider what they’re willing to spend when purchasing classy homecoming dresses. While some might consider buying an expensive designer gown without having any previous experience with altering clothes, others may want to stick with a more traditional dress. Whatever route a girl decides to take, it’s important for everyone to have fun with their homecoming outfit and not let the cost of a dress get in the way of a great time!


Many girls make their own homecoming dress by altering clothes or painting a dress. Girls can also find a cheap pre-made dress at a store or spend more money on an expensive designer gown. Whatever the option, it is important to consider what one is willing to spend when deciding upon a homecoming dress.

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