How to Keep Your Maltipoo Cool in the Summer

    How to Keep Your Maltipoo Cool in the Summer

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    Maltipoos are small dogs, and they can be susceptible to extreme weather. You can do many things to keep your dog cool during the intense Utah heat.

    Provide plenty of fresh cold water.

    It is always essential to ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water, especially in these hot summers. You can make sure you always have fresh water by finding out if there is a good water fountain before you go to a new place. You can also bring a cooler yourself, just in case. You may also want to buy a portable water bowl for your dog. There are portable dog bags that have all the essentials to ensure your dog has what it needs on the go.

    Avoid going outside in midday heat.

    Midday is the hottest time of the day. There is limited shade, and the sun shines directly on the valley. Your dog could get burned a lot more easily in the direct sunlight. It is still good to go out every day for exercise, but you might wait a couple of hours until there is ample shade for your dog to play or rest.

    Never leave your dog in a parked car.

    It is vital to never leave your Maltipoo in a parked car, even for just a few minutes. A car is like a greenhouse; heat doesn’t come out. The heat will keep building. The summer heat has gotten so intense in the car that someone was able to put cookie dough on the dashboard and come back to fully baked cookies. If you are going somewhere where you can’t bring your Maltipoo inside, find someone to watch your dog, or don’t go at all.

    Keep cool treats around.

    There are many different types of treats you can make for your Maltipoo. Some great dog-friendly frozen treats are blended and frozen bananas, strawberries, and peaches. Also, frozen melons are great treats. You can also make quick snacks with peanut butter ice cubes. These cool snacks are dog friendly and will keep your Maltipoo cool and fed.

    Keep your dog’s hair short.

    Maltipoos hair needs to be constantly groomed and cut. Because Maltipoos get their hair from their poodle side, it grows continuously. Keeping your Maltipoo’s hair short during the heat is important because it will release weight off the dog’s back, and the heat from the air won’t be trapped in layers of fur. There are a few short hairstyles you can try. One stylish cut is the short hair teddy bear cut. This cut will keep your dog cool and happy in the heat.

    Play in the water.

    Keeping your dog hydrated isn’t the only thing water is good for. Most Maltipoos love water. They can be great swimmers, but it takes some time to get used to, especially if it is their first swim. You can use a small kitty pool or a hose with low pressure. Always have your eye on your puppy while they play in the water to prevent accidents. Watch your dog and don’t have the water too deep. Your Maltipoo puppy will have a great time swimming, and you can even let it play in the sprinklers.

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    Use a cooling vest.

    A cooling vest can be bought for any dog, which is beneficial. As the water in the vest evaporates, it takes the body heat from the Maltipoo with it. You can buy one at most pet stores or even order one on amazon.

    Maltipoos are very sensitive to extreme temperatures, and extra steps should be taken to prevent harm to your puppy. Keep water handy and stay mainly in the shade when possible. Keep your puppy safe through the summer and take care of everything your puppy should need. Following these tips will get you on the right track when it comes to caring for your Maltipoo puppy this summer.

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