track a laptop
track a laptop

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Do you guys believe in Miracle? Well if anyone has asked me a day ago my answer would be negative. But a day can change a person, right? even can three hours. The same happened to me. Three hours made me a changed person that too in a good way. I will try to keep it short and simple. I lost my laptop in college. Well, it has some important documentation regarding my project and as the deadlines were near this thing almost gave me a heart attack. I was searching here and there all over the college but could not find it anywhere. The first two hours were nerve-wracking.

Then someone told me to put it on the notice board and maybe I get lucky. I could not believe that things reached this level but I was at the urge to break down so any option was worth the try. I printed a whole essay and plead about how this loss can be so destructive for my academic year. After putting it on the board, I was about to go when a senior year student told me to come with him.

Basic Questions about Laptop

He asked some basic questions about the laptop, questions that proved that the laptop belonged to me and then boom there was my laptop in his hand. He told me he found it in the library as he was studying late for his test. Could not find the owner so he kept it. He told me he waited for an hour in front of the library in case anyone will come here in search of the laptop.

I thanked him again and again and we parted ways. The next day he found me in the café and asked me if I can spare him 10 minutes. He was a computer major student and told me I should check out the spy app or monitoring software thing for my laptop. Maybe my facial expressions revealed it right away he said just check OgyMogy and you will not have to go through the drastic experience of losing your gadget ever again. 

Ever again s a big word so it made me curious. The research is worth sharing with everyone so here I am sharing one of the biggest tricks to keep track of your laptop. 

What Is OgyMogy:

OgyMogy is a cloud-based app that offers spying/monitoring features for parents and employees.

  • 39% of parents reported that they use a parental control app for keeping an eye on their kids. 
  • American management association did a study in which they found that roughly 80% of the big companies use employee monitoring software at their organization. The major monitoring intention is keeping an eye on the internet, email, and phone record. 

Along with the two above-mentioned major users of monitoring software a third one can be included i.e individual people like me who can use these features to assure the safety of our gadgets and important data. 

Important Features That Can Be Used To Track A Lost Gadget:

Any of you who has gone through the unbelievable loss of losing a gadget or data will know that how painful it is. Everyone must check out the facility of tracking the device and data by having a spy app. A spy app like OgyMogy can quickly help you. Here is how to track a laptop like a pro with OgyMogy.

  1. The first and most basic feature that can help a user is the live mobile location tracker or GPS feature of the OgyMogy app. Install the app and activate the feature and you will be notified about the live location of the device at any given time. If you lose track of your device just check the web portal and find out about the live location of the device. No need to panic anymore as the location of your device is in your hand in real-time.
  2. In case you think that someone has stolen your device. You can even find out their identity as well. With the camera bug feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app, you can know about the culprit’s identity remotely. The feature uses the camera of the device to capture the surroundings of the target. Chances are that the face of the culprit will be captured. Not just the face, you can track the thief by monitoring the surrounding of the person as well. 

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