Pimples is a spot or pustule that can appear on face or your body as well. It appears when oil glands become clogged and makes it swell, red and filled with pus. The excessive oil comes on face or body and dead cells clogged the pores. It can cause irritation, pain and bleeding as well. It directly has not any links towards age but puberty time, observed to be more prone to acne and pimples. It can happen to men, women and children equally. Yes, these are nor permanent conditions and can be treated by medicines and home remedies.


Before going towards treatment, it’s important to know the types of pimples and acne one can develop.


Blackheads are often assumed to be caused by some dirty environment. However, it is a type of pimple and caused by the oxidation of melanin. It is black & brown in color and makes their appearance on skin as well. They are also called as open comedo and usually misinterpret about their cause.


These mostly remain in skin and fresh spot. It doesn’t cause pain and scar. It is called close comedo as well because it is closed in skin. It is mostly not noticed by the person.


These are filled with pus and very painful as well. It usually leaves its mark on the skin


These kinds of pimples have reddish base and at top it is filled with pus.


After having an idea about the types of pimples, we can diagnose the kind of acne we have. After that, we need to know about the causes of it. This will eventually help us to cure and treat our acne. There are some causes we will be discussing about.


There are no research proofs for the solid relation between genetics and acne. Thus, family history may and may not matter in it. It is mostly observed that people think of it to be related to their maternal or paternal side. However, it is not accepted by any research. One can be acne prone because of the genes but it cannot be the only reason for it.


Hormones are considered as the biggest reason of acne. That’s why, teenagers in them puberty is the biggest target of it. It happens when hormonal levels are disturbed. For instance, levels of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. This can cause the pimple pop out. You can consult with an endocrinologist on the subject of irregular hormonal changes in body.

Medical exceptions

There are some certain medical situations one can face especially women. During menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are of its some examples. These can cause great imbalance in hormones is body and can have acne to break out. During these conditions, the production of sebum increases in the body. It is a waxy and oily substance that clogged the pores. However, these don’t need any special treatment and it dissolves on their own.


Food can be the reason for the pimples as well. But it cannot be the only reason for it. Some foods are considered as the cause of acne. However, these are not proved by doctors but suggested to avoid.

  • Skim milk
  • Sugar
  • Chocolates


During stress there are certain kinds of hormones production in the human body. For instance, cortisol and androgens are stress hormones. These also increase oil production in the body which ultimately causes acne. And during acne even, the stress events can make i worse.


The bacteria causing acne is Cutibactrium acnes. They live on the skin all the time on both clear and acne prone skin. Some key causes can trigger it and cause acne. Propionibacterium acnes are caused by the growth of sebum ultimately blocks the pores.

Medical Treatment:

Dermatologist can prescribe such medicines to treat acne:

  •  Topical retinoid and antibiotics
  •  Azelaic acid
  •  Antibiotic tablets
  •  Combined oral contraceptive pill

Home remedies for treating Pimples:

Aloe Vera

It is a natural antibacterial ingredient for skin. Anyone with acne prone skin can also apply it directly on their skin.

Green tea

It reduces the sebum production and inflammation on the skin. It has the natural production of antioxidants called Catechins. It is quite beneficial for acne skin.


Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing acne on skin. One can take supplements as well and can apply it on skin too.


Honey has antioxidants that help to clear the acne outbreak on skin.

Tea tree oil

It is used to treat bacteria on the skin. One can directly apply its lotions and serums on skin.


It is affordable and easy to use. It helps to improve the appearance of acne scars on skin. It should be used under dermatologist guidance.


Exfoliation can help prevent acne. It is suggested to exfoliate skin twice a week.


Change in lifestyle can help prevent pimples. Avoiding harmful foods, stress, bacterial production and exercises can help in better lifestyle.

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