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Fact: What your clients have to say about your business carries more value than what you have to say about your business.

In the past, businesses got more customers through word of mouth. Nowadays, people read online reviews before deciding to transact with a business. Chances are, even you have taken a peek at the reviews before buying products from online stores.

For local businesses or businesses with physical stores, Google reviews can directly impact new customer acquisition, online reputation, and SEO ranking. This means:

More positive reviews = higher search ranking, more leads and sales, increased ROI

Google Reviews, or online reviews in general, can help increase a brand’s trustworthiness, authority, and reputation. All these factors can affect how customers view your business and whether or not they would engage with you.

What follows can help you get more customers through Google Reviews.

4 Ways to Get More Clients Using Google Reviews

Provide a Direct Link to Your Reviews Section

Make the process easier. Instead of telling your customers to look for you on Google maps, give them a direct link to your Google account reviews section.

Here’s how to create a Google review shortcut link for your business.

On Desktop

Step 1: Sign in to your Google My Business account.

Step 2: Click Home in the left menu.

Step 3: Find “Get more reviews” card and copy your short URL.

Step 4: Use it to share with your regular customers.

On Mobile

Step 1: Open Google My Business app.

Step 2: Click Customers > Reviews.

Step 3: Look at the top right then tap lightly the Share icon.

Step 4: Copy the URL to share with your client.

Pro Tip: To make the most out of this shortcut link, add it to your website or share it on social media. For instance, featuring a positive customer review who bought a pre-owned Rolex in Canada on social media can influence potential customers to check out your website and buy from you.

Create a Google Reviews Section on Your Website

You don’t have to dedicate a whole page for Google Reviews. Just choose a section or a place where it can be easily seen.

A popular strategy for this requires using a plug-in that automatically embeds Google reviews widget to your site.

Remember to do the following:

  • Feature the existing reviews to inspire other customers to leave their own reviews and to convert leads into customers.
  • Embed Google reviews short URL in a call to action that invites customers to add a review.

Oftentimes, reviews are rich in keywords. Adding them to your site can be helpful to your SEO because search engine crawlers can read them.

Pro Tip: You can place it on your Home page or Testimonials page. Positioning your Google reviews widget strategically will make it highly visible to anyone who visits your site. This could attract more prospects to become paying customers.

Ask Directly for Quick Reviews

Despite the pandemic, some people still visit physical stores to request a job order or to buy essentials and other products. Given that opportunity, it can be helpful to talk with your customers and ask them about their experience with your business.

If they’re happy and satisfied with your product feedback software or service, ask them for a Google review. Here’s how you can encourage them to leave a review.

  • Point out that leaving a review online is quick and easy. You can show them how to do it or give them your business’s Google reviews short URL.
  • Inform them that they can leave a start rating if they don’t want to write anything.
  • And if they opt to write a review, a sentence or two will do.

For example, local businesses like SEO services in Canada can personally ask or call their patrons to leave a review on Google. As more quality reviews appear on Google, more people will likely trust your brand and make transactions with you.

Pro Tip: You can also directly ask for reviews from satisfied customers through phone or emails.

Respond to Your Google Reviews

Replying to online reviews is a way to let your customers know that you listen to their feedback. Even potential reviewers would be encouraged to write their own reviews knowing that it would be worth their time.

Some tips on responding to reviews:

  • Replying to positive reviews in a timely manner can generate more positive reviews. You need to be specific and grateful in your responses. For instance, make the customer feel appreciated by mentioning their name in your response.
  • Replying to negative reviews is just as important as replying to positive ones. Be prompt, polite, and accept your responsibility to correct the problem. Sometimes, people leave negative reviews just to pollute the brand’s reputation. In such cases, google bewertungen löschen artikel can help you delete such bad reviews.

Pro Tip: It’s important to match your response to your brand tone and voice. Be good and keep your cool even when replying to negative reviews. You’d be surprised when some client will turn a one-star review into a five-star review if you humbly make things right.

At the end of the day, you need to focus on making your customers happy in order to receive more positive reviews. This can, in turn, help attract more paying customers. Building customer trust takes time, but you’ll see the return on your efforts when your customers start sharing positive reviews about their experiences with your brand.

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