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If you’re importing goods from China for the first time, you may be debating whether or not to collaborate with a sourcing Yiwu agent service. It’s not like it takes that much work, is it?

Your foreign office’s capacity to look for suppliers on Global Sources or Alibaba cannot be completely relied upon.

The selection and management of your suppliers should take up a minimum of one to three hours each day, with that time being spent on each source separately.

What makes up this time period is

Finding new manufacturers that are capable of producing your goods at a cost that is acceptable to your financial constraints and which is in line with your requirements

We will collaborate with these suppliers to develop completely original products and designs from the ground up.

keeping in close touch with the many vendors in the supply chain (communication, quality control, shipments follow-up, crises if any)

If you do not believe that your personnel will be able to do this task on their own, you could want to investigate the possibility of collaborating with a third-party sourcing agent in China located in Yiwu international trade city.

When doing business with China, importers have the option of selecting from one of four unique methods of sourcing.

Let’s look at each option in further detail so that we can determine which one will serve you best.

Making Your Own Purchases

The majority of importers, almost 80%, are looking for this particular product. They would rather not have to deal with commissions or middlemen and would prefer to handle everything themselves. They would rather not have to deal with commissions or middlemen and would prefer to manage everything themselves. This is the best course of action for you to pursue if you are organised well enough to deal with suppliers (as was explained above), and if you are able to satisfy the minimum order quantities (MOQs) that suppliers want. If you are not able to satisfy these requirements, you should consider taking a different approach.

Making Your Own Purchases

Engage a commissioned sourcing firm

For thousands of people living in China, this specific service is a source of income. Utilizing their professional network might help you save a lot of time and effort if they are already well-known in the industry. They are capable of serving as your ambassador to the nation.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of them secretly get a commission from the producer. According to a saying, China is conducting itself “business as usual”. As a consequence, when problems arise, they decide to adopt a pro-company stance.

Guidelines for Assessing Sourcing Agents

  1. I advise requesting the answers to the following questions before to hiring a Yiwu Yiwu market China.
  2. Who and how will pay for them?
  3. Can you have a tour of the facilities before or during production?
  4. Do they have references or reviews from customers who utilised his services and bought the goods you are interested in? Don’t forget to validate your findings with two of them.
  5. Do they do their own quality controls? Or do they depend on a third party specialist? Will you ever not get a report?
  6. Will you get weekly updates on the production’s status?
  7. Has the idea of granting you access to their management system been considered? Make certain that they follow established protocols. The majority of agents do not follow standard operating procedures.
  8. What type of protection do they provide if a service provider defrauds you? What may be the reason shipments are delayed? What happens if you have faulty products in your warehouse?
  9. Are they near to the area where your products will be produced? (By doing a quick search on, you may determine where the majority of the products in your category are produced.)
  10. If you continue to buy from the same providers after the first transaction, will his prices decrease?

Buy at a wholesaler

If the MOQs are too high for your early purchase, this is a fantastic option to take into account. This is especially true if you own a business or are an entrepreneur. A trading corporation might hire a more nimble business that specialises in completing smaller orders to produce their products or provide their services. I don’t believe using a go-between would be a smart idea, except in this particular case.

Make use of a service provider.

There are several companies in China that provide sourcing services in exchange for a charge. There is nothing left to hide at this point (names of suppliers, method used, etc.). Your business will need to spend money before manufacturing can start, but the cost may be justified if it is thought that there will be high future demand.

Although I believe that such agents will remain in relatively low levels for the foreseeable future, I do believe that as time goes on, their prevalence will increase. The most effective ones serve as a procurement office and keep a tidy, organised space.

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