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The Ultimate Guide to India e Visa provides practical information on how to fill out this visa application form. This guide does not act as a visa agent nor offer advice on how to apply for an India e-visa. Visa information can change quickly, and sources should be used for confirmation. The ban on travel to India in March 2018 was due to the Pandemic Influenza outbreak. It was lifted in March 2022, and multi-year tourist visas were reinstated. Browse this to know more about India’s e-visa.

Argentines and Uruguayans

Argentina e Visa for South American nationals is easy to apply for and has several advantages over other visas. To apply for an Argentine visa, you must have a valid passport, two blank pages, and be from South America. Your travel authorization must be notarized and legalized by the Argentine embassy or consulate. The proof of your hotel reservation must be certified by a Notary and accompanied by the ID of the person you will be staying with. Finally, the letter must state how long you intend to be away from your job.


The Government of India has made the Argentines and Indians e-Visa available since 2014. It has reduced the requirement for paper-based visa applications and allows applicants to travel within and outside the country. Argentines can also use the e-Visa for humanitarian or other purposes. For more information, visit the Argentina Embassy’s website. Apostille-stamped documents can be accepted as proof of legality.


If you are an Uruguayan citizen, you can apply online for an Indian e-Visa. This visa is valid for short stays in India, ranging from 30 days to 180 days. Uruguayans can apply for four major categories of visas: business, medical, tourism, and student. The Uruguayans’ Ultimate Guide to India e-Visa will help you navigate the application process.

U.S. citizens

The India eVisa is available for U.S. citizens to mention their name, surname, date of birth, and citizenship without any mismatch. However, they must also provide supporting documents such as an American Passport scan copy, a face photograph, and a letter from an organization confirming their medical condition. For business travelers, they include a Visiting Card or a letter from a hospital. In addition, visitors under the age of eighteen must obtain parental authorization.

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The Indian e-Visa is available for Canadian citizens. All you need to do to apply for it is fill out an online form. Once you have submitted it, you will receive it by email. You need to have all of the documents ready. Once you’ve submitted it online, make sure you have them all in front of you, including your bank account balance and Letter of Invitation. You will then receive your e-Visa by email.

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French Canadians

If you are a French Canadian, you can visit India using the eVisa. This visa is issued electronically and can be used at any airport globally. If you avoid visiting an Indian embassy, you can obtain your Indian eVisa online. To get the eVisa, you can fill out the online application and submit it through your web browser. Once you have received the eVisa, you can show it to the immigration officer at the airport to enter the country. It does not require a visit to the Indian Embassy or Consulate, and your name, passport number, and nationality are all recorded on the website.


Before traveling to India, Singaporeans should apply for an Indian e-Visa. The e-Visa is valid for entry through 24 designated airports and three designated seaports. It also allows holders to exit the country through any authorized Immigration Check post in India. Although an e-Visa is sufficient for Singapore citizens to travel to India, they should still make a copy of their original passport and the electronic visa before departing.