Is oriental white Marble Okay for the kitchen backsplash?

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Many people have doubts regarding marble backsplashes. They wonder if it’s a good choice or not. But, no one can deny the visual appeal of white marble tiles. It is durable, clean, and stylish. If you are thinking about using marble, go for it. In this case, oriental white marble is the best choice for a kitchen backdrop. 

In addition, marble is a soft and porous material. Also, it is common to find it in kitchen designs. It adds beauty and value to your kitchen. So, you can go for marble floors, slabs, or backsplashes with great ease. It will work with other parts such as cabinets and walls.

If you are not sure about white marble, stick to this post. Here are some pros of having a white marble backsplash in the kitchen:

  1. It is visually appealing
  2. It’s low maintenance
  3. Match the counter and backsplash
  4. Various types, sizes, and designs
  5. Adds market value
  6. Honed or polished
  7. It is eco-friendly
Is oriental white Marble Okay for the kitchen backsplash?

1. It is visually appealing:

With its intricate veiny pattern and lush white background, you can never go wrong with white marble. It will instantly enhance your kitchen’s outlook. Also, a white backdrop gives a natural shine to your place. It reflects the lighting of the kitchen.

2. Its low maintenance:

Well, oriental white marble has many benefits. The most vital aspect is that it does not require great care. This marble is low maintenance. Although as a counter, they do need some extra cleaning. But, they are easy to clean on a backsplash. Plus, you do not have to stress about scratches. For the oily stains, daily cleaning is enough.  

Moreover, make sure you apply the seal before grouting. Then stains will not harm its shine and beauty. Also, you keep them clean by using warm water or mild cleaners. You might want to reseal it after 6 to 8 months.

3. Match the counter and backsplash:

Well, you will find thassos white marble countertops in every next kitchen. But, marble backsplashes are also the best choice. They can mix and match with any other countertop and cabinets. In addition, you can have a similar counter and backdrop. It will look perfect in your cooking area. Also, it is the best idea to extend the classic look of marble. In this way, you can make your interior stand out.

4. Various types, sizes, and designs:

Marble tiles for backsplash come in various types, designs, and sizes. It solely depends on its origin. And homeowners find it hard to choose. The pricing also varies for the particular kind of marble. In this case, you will come across Carrara and Calacatta marble in kitchen tiles.

Emperador is another option for a marble backsplash. All of them come in a wide array of designs and prices. Some are costly, but others are affordable. Also, they come in many veiny patterns that include blue, grey, pink, and black. They can add flair to your area. 

5. Adds market value:

Having white marble in the kitchen can enhance your market value. Also, you can have a high resale price. Marble is a rare beauty, so it gives a luxury factor to your home. For instance, one day, you may decide to sell the property. Having white marble will lift the total cost. So, marble can serve you for years to come. 

6. Honed or polished:

Either honed or polished, a marble backsplash can serve you better. Matte finish can hide scratches very well. It is trending in both counters and backdrops. On the other hand, polished marble is shiny and easy to clean. It does not show stains and spills. You can clean the tile with great ease. In both ways, you will have a perfect background.

7. It is eco-friendly:

Marble is a natural stone, so no such chemicals go into the process of its making. In the same way, the tiles are also safe to use in kitchen backsplashes. By installing a marble backsplash, you will be heading for an eco-friendly environment. Also, it will not react with acidic and oily spills. With a quality seal, you can protect your kitchen from any damage. 


Many people ask about white marble backsplashes. Well, it is as good for that as for counters. Oriental white marble has a stunning visual appeal. It will enhance the look of your kitchen. In case you are worried about the stains and stuff, no such issues. These marble tiles are easy to clean and protect. 

Moreover, if you want to be extra sure, get these marble tiles from I highly recommend their marble and other tiles. Plus, they offer a great deal in prices. Now, choosing white marble tiles will not be that hard for you.   

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