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Don’t Let This Banana Fool You

Is the Peely outfit hitbox broken in Fortnite? Some gamers seem to think so, and it has been a heavy debate for many years. The extra layer of fluff around Peely’s body isn’t part of his hitbox. You can see why this might be causing a lot of players plenty of confusion and frustration. Is this a bug that needs fixing, or is it simply part of the game?

You know what makes this situation even worse is that this skin was only obtainable for a limited time. So, if you are looking to pick up this skin, then I got bad news for you, you can’t.

Let’s dive deeper into this Peely situation and how players could have obtained this popular skin. Peely isn’t the only skin with some controversy behind either; other outfits have been causing players problems.

Alright, enough rambling, let’s jump right into it.

Is The Peely Outfit Hitbox Broken?

Peely is a giant banana character. And adorable, might I add. Peely’s character model is more significant than other outfits, however, it has the same hitbox as the different outfits in Fortnite.

This means that players who are using the Peely outfit or are fighting an opponent using the outfit might find some weird hitbox issues. The hitbox isn’t broken; it’s just that the skin is much bigger than the hitbox. Let me paint a picture for you.

Let’s say you see a player rocking this iconic outfit, but you only see the upper tip of the outfit. You take your shot with a sniper, and mysteriously, your bullet goes straight through the outfit. However, you discover they don’t take any damage, and now your location is given away. You watch in disbelief as they turn around, the gun you down, and dance on your dead body as the “Victory Royale” sound blares through your headset.

What happened? It’s simple: because Peely is so big, his hitbox is smaller than it appears. The hitbox is technically still the same as other characters; your eyes assume any part of the outfit should be part of the hitbox. So even though it looks like you should have easily gotten the kill, the game registered that your shot just barely missed. Of course, this can work both ways.

If you’re lucky enough to be using the Peely outfit when someone takes a death-dealing headshot at you from long range, there’s a good chance they’ll miss simply because your hitbox is smaller than it looks.

How To Unlock Peely in Fortnite?

So, maybe you are thinking to yourself, “How can I get this outfit and try to make people miss their shots?” Peely was only obtainable as a reward from the Season 8 Battle Pass. He was unlocked once players reached tier 47 of the battle pass. If you are late to the party, your chance is long gone.

However, other versions of Peely have been released. Unpeely, Peely Bone & P-1000 are outfits that can be bought from the Fortnite item shop. Players wanting a variation of the Peely outfit might want to consider spending V-Bucks to add one of these outfits to their Fortnite accounts.

Do Cosmetic Items Give Players an Advantage?

Cosmetics in the Fortnite item shop are supposed to give no gameplay advantages to players. And this is technically true; cosmetics added to your Fortnite account have no real bonuses; everything looks different and fancy. That is all. However, some skins do blend in with the environment much more accessible. This can make detecting other players harder. The same can be said if you happen to use the skin.

Let’s take Groot, for example. Who thought it was good to put a giant tree into the game with so much of Fortnite’s island having trees around? It is doubtful this will happen often, but someone might mistake Groot for an actual in-game tree. I mean, there are plenty of other skins that will help you blend in with the background. The opposite is also true. Big bright skins can stick out like a sore thumb if you’re trying to get the drop on an enemy.


So, there you have it. Peely’s hitbox is not a bug, nor is it broken; it’s just designed that way. The outfit can play tricks on your eyes if you don’t know where to aim. Just make sure to seek near the center of the character to make sure your shots register. Also, remember, many other skins are in the same situations as Peely. Some skins can make you easier to see due to the color palette. What are your thoughts on Peely? Let us know in the comments below.

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