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What Is the JB Mauney Net Worth As of 2023? Info About His Age, Wedding, and Family.

JB Mauney Net Worth

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Mauney rode bulls professionally for many years and was a great rodeo cowboy. JB Mauney net worth is thought to be around $8 million. He has won the global title (PBR) in professional bull riding. Mauney has also competed in the Competitive Rodeo Coaches Associations (PRCA) and the Championships Bull Rider (CBR) tour. You can find all the most recent details on JB Mauney Net Worth, age, marital status, and other details in this post as of 2023.

Jb Mauney’s Childhood

Jb Mauney's Childhood

JB Mauney was born to Tim and Lynne Mauney (his father and mother). His children are Bella Mauney, his daughter, and Anthony Mauney, his son. When Jb Mauney was a child, he focused all his time and attention on bull riding in Charlotte, North Carolina, so he didn’t have a “Plan B” for the future. When J.B. was three years old, he started riding bulls. A year later, at age 15, he bought his bull. He worked hard every day to one day emulate the legendary professional bull riders (PBR). Also, he was forced to grow up praising some of the most well-known people in the world.

He couldn’t resist but grow up venerating some of the most well-known celebrities in the world, such as Chris Chivers, a two-time world medalist in Tar. J.W. Hart, the most well-known PBR Iron Man in the world, and bull riders Caroline McBride and Clifton Davis displayed their unsurpassed skill at riding bulls in the arena.

What Is The Name Of JB Mauney?

A professional rodeo cowboy from the American state of Texas, James Burton “J.B.” Mauney (/muni/; born January 9, 1987) specializes in bull riding.

Personal Life

Lexie Wiggly and JB Mauney were wed from 2012 to 2015. He married Samantha Lynne in 2016. The first child of Mauney and Samantha was born on January 23, 2019. A daughter was also born to him from a previous relationship. In Mooresville, Virginia, where he spends most of his life, Mauney continued to reside and carry out his employment as of 2019. These days, they reside in Cotulla, Texas. He has two children, Bella Mauney and Anthony Mauney.


JB Mauney Career

JB Mauney became a member of the World Cowboy Rodeo Organization in 2009. (PRCA). JB Mauney has crowned the PBR Championship Title in 2013 and 2015. He also claimed the PBR World Championships twice in a row, in 2009 and 2013. 2006 marked his first year in the league as a newcomer of the year. He was a 15-time PBR World Finals qualifier between 2006 and 2020.

2015 PBR Championship Winner, 2013 PBR Title Holder, 2009 PBR Winners Bracket Event Champion, and 2006 PBR Rookie of the Year are just a few of his titles and accomplishments. Thirteen staples and pegs had to be put in when JB Mauney’s right hand suffered a serious injury in 2017. Injuries hampered his riding tenure for most of it, but he nonetheless made a lasting contribution to the sport.

He shared the most broadcast victories in the PBR’s 26-year annals in 2019 with fellow two-time world champion Justin McBride. Starting in 2020, Mauney will own a portion of the ownership of the Elite Bullfighters, an American freelance bullfighting group (UBF). Mauney declared in July 2021 that he might give up the PBR and focus solely on PRCA riding to reach his first-ever World Finals Rodeo.

J.B.’s Achievements and Awards

There have been several awards and accomplishments over Mauney’s career. Notably, he had only begun his profession when he won Rookie of the Year in 2006. He established the record by taking home two World Finals victories between 2009 and 2013. Throughout 2013 and 2015, he was also the World Record holder Bull Rider multiple times.

What Is JB Mauney Net Worth?

JB Mauney Net Worth

The estimated net worth of JB Mauney in November 2023 is $6 million. Because of his bull-riding career, he amassed wealth. His many illnesses have caused his income to decline significantly in recent years. He insists that he is not giving up on his career. Mauney is a courageous and powerful man. He claims he won’t give up even if his work has resulted in several injuries. He says he likes his job because it’s what he likes to do. Friends urge him to stop, but he claims he loathes hearing encouragement from those who aren’t bull riders. Young people ought to heed his counsel.

Spouse of Jb Mauney

The gifted rider not only has a successful career but a comfortable marriage as well. J.B. Mauney’s wife, Samantha, is a gorgeous woman who ardently supports his professional ambitions. Following her Instagram, she is a credentialed 2014 NFR participant and a skilled canister racer. Ms. Mauney also advertises Saint, an online cosmetics boutique where we may look through various products like eyeshadow and setting sprays. 2016 marked the couple’s wedding anniversary. They want to have met before getting married.

More about him

JB Mauney is a name synonymous with the world of professional bull riding. JB is considered one of the greatest bull riders of all time, with two World Championships and numerous other accolades to his name. He is a household name in the rodeo circuit and has a huge following of fans and admirers. He has made a considerable fortune from his bull riding career and from his endorsement deals with top brands. He has also invested his earnings in various businesses and real estate, which has helped to increase his net worth over the years.

In 2015, JB married his long-time girlfriend, Megan, and the couple is proud parents to two children. Despite his busy schedule, JB always makes time for his family and is known for his down-to-earth and humble personality. Apart from his bull riding career, JB is also an avid philanthropist and is known for his charitable works. He supports various causes and organizations that are close to his heart, including children’s charities and animal welfare organizations.

JB Mauney is not just a talented bull rider but also a loving husband, devoted father, and generous philanthropist. With his impressive net worth and an unparalleled legacy in the world of professional bull riding, JB Mauney is a true inspiration to many.


J.B. Mauney is a professional American rodeo cowboy specializing in bull riding. He also won the world title in the Professional Bull Riders (PBR). He started competing in the Professional Cowboy Riders Association full-time in 2021. Additionally, he participated in the Competitive Bull Riders (CBR) circuit for a brief period. Most people agree that Mauney was his generation that needed the best bull rider. He is renowned for selecting the most repulsive bull in the pen when given a choice. The estimated JB Mauney Net Worth is $6 million as of 2023.

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Who is Jb Mauney? What is his Instagram ID and name?

James Burton Mauney is Jb Mauney’s actual name, and he goes by the handle @Jb Mauney on Instagram.

What year was Jb Mauney born?

Mauney is 34 years old.

What year did J.B. Mauney get born?

He was born on January 9, 1978, to be accurate.

Where was J.B. Mauney raised?

The North Carolina city of Charlotte is the birthplace of Jb Mauney.

Is Jb Mauney tall?

He is 1.78 meters tall.