Landscaping Tips to Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

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Perhaps you’re looking to move and want to make sure your landscaping and exterior is appealing. Are you interested in sprucing up and improving your curb appeal? Why is curb appeal important? This article will answer these questions and give you some ideas to improve your curb appeal.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal describes the general attractiveness from the sidewalk of a house or another piece of property to a prospective buyer. Realtors use this term when trying to sell or evaluate a piece of property. Improving curb appeal can be an easy, inexpensive way to make your house look nicer and boost its value. Professional landscapers can help with your home or business’s curb appeal and make your property more inviting.

Curb Appeal Ideas

Boost Your Curb Appeal

Here are some great ideas to boost your curb appeal.

Go Green

The best way to increase your curb appeal is to add some greenery and window flower boxes. You may not have time for a garden; however, you could add planters or window boxes. Using plants to accentuate key visual points like windows and doors is another option when sprucing up your curb appeal. Even a single plant arrangement can spruce up your exterior appearance as well.

Take Care of Your Lawn

You should be regularly caring for your lawn. This means keeping the grass mowed, watering your lawn, pulling weeds, pruning trees and bushes, and raking leaves. 

Make Your Door Pop

Paint your front door to make it stand out. It doesn’t cost much to paint your door and it’s an easy DIY project even for beginners. Be bold and go bright, but make sure it’s the color you want before going all out! You can use the Front Door Paint app to help you find what you’re looking for. The app provides many different colors to choose from and you can test each color out virtually.

Let There Be Light

A dark entryway is not at all welcoming. You should have a fun, clean light. It’s important to dust off the cobwebs and debris around outdoor light fixtures and in doing so your space will appear instantly clean and bright. Other ideas to light up your space include the use of porch string lights or solar powered lanterns to light up a walkway.

Embrace Symmetry

Symmetrical points are nice and easy to look at. It makes your home instantly appear more put together.

Makeover Your Mailbox

An updated, less dated mailbox can bring more curb appeal to your home as well. It’s an easy project to take on and can make a noticeable difference to your curb appeal.

Upgrade Your House Numbers

Upgrading the look of your house numbers will also give you better curb appeal. Choose a font that aligns with the architecture of your home, but is still distinctive, easy to read, and eye-catching.

Design a Clear Path

 A well-designed path makes your house more inviting. You can go big and build a stone or brick path. Another option would be to go a bit smaller and light your path or line it with plants. The path should be a clear route to your front door.

Add Plants to Boost Your Curb Appeal

You can also use plants and flowers to spruce up your curb appeal.


Roses need to be pruned, fertilized and sprayed. They are low-maintenance, which many homebuyers know and appreciate, and they produce spectacular flowers from spring until frost.


Hydrangeas are spectacular when they bloom. They require little care and are easy to grow. Hydrangeas are hardy and grow best in the morning sun with the afternoon shade.


Hostas aren’t showy, but their leaves, which come in shades of green, gray, blue, cream, and yellow-gold, are standouts. Choose small, medium or large varieties. Hostas love the shade.


Annuals are easy to establish, and they make good fillers when your bulbs, perennials or flowering shrubs stop blooming. For fast curb appeal, pop them into containers, hanging baskets or window boxes for splashes of color. Marigolds, petunias and geraniums are popular and easy to grow.

Mixed Pots

Half barrels and other informal containers add charm to cottages, ranch houses, mountain retreats, log cabins, farmhouses and more. When combining plants, be sure they have the same basic needs for water and light.

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Low Maintenance Front Yard Curb Appeal

Spruce Up Your Walkway

Cracked cement or pavers, weed growth, and untidy edging can all bring down the overall look of your home. Though repairing or replacing the actual walkway can be very expensive, there are some things you can do to improve the look without breaking the bank. Edging along your existing sidewalk is a simple way to add appeal that doesn’t cost anything.

Don’t Let Your House Hide

Trees and shrubs can add shade and privacy to your yard, but if the vegetation is out of control, it hides your house and makes the overall look of your yard messy. Plants in the wrong places create an unwelcoming atmosphere and can make your home look smaller than it is.

Add a Water Feature

The sounds of running water from a waterfall or fountain are not only calming, but they can also help dampen the noise of a busy street or playground that may be nearby. You can add a small pond filled with water lilies and Koi fish, a formal fountain, or a little water feature that is aesthetically pleasing.

Doing your own landscaping can be overwhelming. The good news is that you can hire a landscaping company Cleveland, Oh and professionals to make your yard beautiful and welcoming.

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