Lawn Care Tips

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Is your lawn your pride and joy, a garden paradise? Or do those embarrassing brown dry grass patches leave you wanting to delay your planned summer barbecue parties? 

There is more to a lawn than remembering to mow it when you can no longer see your pet cat. A stunning lawn needs a little care and attention.

To help you get started, here are our top three lawn care tips that will leave you with the luscious green lawn you desire. 

1. Fertilize the Lawn

There is a secret to the dark, thick green grass in magazines. Those lawns grow with fertilizer. However, before you rush out and buy some fertilizer, take note of these tips.

First, use a fertilizer spreader for your lawn unless it’s small enough to fertilize by hand. A suitable spreader costs less than $100 and is worth the investment if you want that professional, finished look. 

Second, not all fertilizers are the same. Always buy a fertilizer with plenty of positive reviews and ideally an organic one. Choose a granular fertilizer as it’s best for beginner gardeners; it is easy to distribute. 

Third, fertilize the grass in the spring, when the ground isn’t frozen but isn’t parched. The temperature should be at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If fertilizing sounds too hands-on, try a professional lawn care company like

2. Mow Tall

Did you know that there is an ideal height for your lawn? Most of us might see mowing as a chore, but there’s an art to getting it perfect. And that means mowing your grass to the correct height. 

The best height for most grass types is between 2.5 and 3 inches. Most modern lawnmowers will allow you to adjust the cutting height. If you don’t have a modern lawnmower, now is the time to buy one if you want a beautiful lawn.

When cutting the grass, leave the cuttings in place. Many homeowners are reluctant to do this as they feel the need to tidy the lawn after mowing. But the cuttings act as the perfect fertilizer and will help keep your lawn healthy. 

3. Buy a Sprinkler

We all know that even the most beautiful lawn can quickly transform into a desert during summer. A lack of rainfall is one of the biggest challenges to maintaining green grass during the hot summer months. 

The easiest way to keep your grass well-watered is to buy a sprinkler system.

It might surprise you to know that lawns need more water than we often assume, and you’ll want to keep that water on your lawn until it is thoroughly soaked.

A sprinkler will do that effectively. Also, try water at least once every two weeks or more frequently during scorching weather. Water in the morning before the sun is at its hottest point. 

Try These Lawn Care Tips Today

Once you apply these lawn care tips to your garden, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t start sooner. A luxurious, thick, deep green lawn isn’t down to luck or location. It simply needs a little bit of attention from us occasionally.

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