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“Luck” is a new film that was recently released on Apple TV+. This animated fantasy comedy was directed by Peggy Holmes and features Eva Noblezada as Sam, the story’s protagonist. Not only has “Luck” been making waves on the internet, but it has also spawned a toy line, a board game, and other merchandise that kids can enjoy.

Sam is an awkward 18-year-old woman who has recently left her orphanage to live on her own. She deals with bad luck every day, which drives her to try and find a way to reverse her misfortune. Sam eventually finds a penny that seems to finally bring good luck into her life, but she accidentally flushes it down the toilet. This mistake leads her down a path of adventure and intrigue.


Part of what makes “Luck” so significant is its lessons about polarity. Sam and her friends often have to juggle good luck with bad luck throughout the plot, sometimes finding themselves somewhere in the middle. There’s a lot that kids can learn from this type of story.

Understandably, many kids want to remain in their own world of “good versus bad” for as long as possible. But the sooner that kids can learn about polarity, the better chance there is that they will be able to develop their perspectives instead of getting stuck in their childhood forever. This is why “Luck” is such a valuable coming-of-age story. As Sam learns to live independently, she is forced to understand that good luck and bad luck are often closely related. She realizes that she needs to take the bad with the good.

Finding a Middle Ground

The easiest way to understand polarity is to see it as a spectrum. It’s the idea that things aren’t just black and white, but rather fall somewhere on a scale. There are shades of grey and everything has a possibility of “falling into the middle,” no matter how clear-cut something may seem. This becomes apparent in “Luck” when the characters send out a drone to find the missing lucky penny, only for the drone to get lost in a place called “the In-Between.” Sam then has to navigate through an area that is wedged in the middle of the “Land of Luck” and the “Land of Bad Luck,” which helps her better understand both.

Chance and Strategy

On top of the plot’s lessons about polarity, the movie Luck has a game for everyone to enjoy and learn from. Players have to bid for cards that help them claim spaces on the board, which requires strategizing and attentiveness. At the same time, random luck is always a factor when it comes to the players’ opportunities. This game can help kids prepare for real-life challenges that they may come across in the future.

“Luck” is already proving to be more than an animated film. It’s a franchise that can give kids the confidence and discipline that they need when they deal with tension and resolution. There’s a lot that children and adults can take away from this beautiful new universe.

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