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Most workers get stuck after an injury as they don’t know what to do. This leads them to have a hard time coping with life after injury. As a worker knowing your rights should be your priority even before starting the work. You can contact Worker’s compensation attorney for consultation and guidance on the way forward. This article outlines the tips to maximize your Worker’s compensation claim. 

Report Injury Immediately

When you get injured at work, don’t wait for days before you can report to your superiors. You must consider reporting the injury immediately to avoid being denied the Worker’s compensation benefits. This notice is important as there is a deadline for when you should report depending on your state. You should also note the compensation form has a deadline for filling after you get injured, failure to which you will be awarded no benefits. 

Get Medical Treatment

After an injury, seek medical treatment to recover quicker and avoid severe health complications. It’s also vital to seek medical attention as proof that your injury gives the necessary physical restriction that you now have. The insurance company may deny you the compensation if you fail to seek medical help with the claim that the injury we mere. 

Consider Changing Doctors

After reporting, you will be introduced to insurance doctors who might have different interests. Since the insurance company pays most doctors, they might minimize the seriousness of your injury to reduce the compensation. Seeking treatment from your doctor can be of great help as they will inspect your damages and can play a significant role in your Worker’s compensation role. 

Know Your Available Worker’s Compensation Benefits

As a worker, you must understand your benefits. Some of the benefits include Permanent disability benefits, temporally disability benefits, medical treatment, mileage, and vocational rehabilitation. It’s also essential to confirm with the portland workers compensation attorney for help

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Be Ready for Independent Medical Examination

The independent medical examination examines your injuries and analyzes the doctor’s report. They also look at the relationship between your injury and work and the work restrictions. They give a well-outlined report to the insurance company to help them calculate your compensation. If you are scheduled for an IME, don’t fail to attend, as they can presume you were faking your injury, leading to worker comp termination.

Look Out for Surveillance 

After injury and reporting, it’s vital to be cautious about what you do. If, for example, you told your doctor that you could not lift heavy things, avoid carrying anything that can be presumed heavy. The insurance company can hire an investigator to check on you in public places and at home to catch you doing something that contradicts the compensation claim. If you notice the surveillance, you can consult with your attorney, who can guide you on the way forward.

Have a Medical Report and Work Records

It’s essential to safely have your medical reports and work records, including every claim detail. Having the correct papers and reports from your doctor and the insurance company can ease your quest to seek compensation.


The above will ensure that you are well qualified and your documents are okay. Always follow all the guidelines and avoid shortcuts on your claim, as they can lead to denial of compensation.