Minecraft plains seed

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This article gives all the information about Minecraft, the seeds which are sown in the plain of Minecraft, i.e., Minecraft plains seed, and their outcomes. Keep reading!

Introduction to Minecraft:

Minecraft is a video game that is considered the most popular game worldwide. It is fun and educational at the same time, so it is beneficial for kids too. Instead of wasting time on other harmful activities, they can play Minecraft and learn creative things like crafting and survival techniques. This game has five modes that can be played. These modes are:

Survival mode: The player’s primary focus should be survival in this mode. He has to maintain his health bar as well as his hunger bar in order to survive.

Hardcore mode: This mode resembles survival mode, but if the player dies in this mode, there is no coming back. He has to restart the game from the beginning, and the game can never be resumed after death in hardcore mode.

Creative mode: The player’s primary focus will be to craft items from the material already in his inventory. Also, he has access to all other materials needed for crafting, which will benefit him for his survival in the game. The crafted items will be used in the following mode: adventure mode.

Adventure mode: A map will be provided to the player in this mode. The owner of the map has applied certain limitations for the player. The player has to complete all the adventures by keeping those limitations under consideration. The limitation may also be in the form of a limited period.

Spectator mode: The player does not have to worry about anything, including hunger, health, or crafting. He is provided with a teleporting machine by which he can move from one place to another and watch the other players playing the game. He can enjoy the game and learn many creative things simultaneously.


Plains of the Minecraft:

Plains of the Minecraft

Plains are among the very early thing added in the game. As we know that the game has undergone many changes since it was first released, but plains are present in the game from the very start. In Minecraft, plains is a biome in the overworld. They are comparatively flat surfaces with little or no bumps. The grasses here are very dull in color. Their color is green. The plains also have streams, lakes, caves, and wild animals.

Minecraft Plains seeds :

There are six different types of seeds planted in the plains of Minecraft. Numbers instead of names identify these seeds. The numbers of the seeds and their functions in Minecraft plains seed are elaborated below:

  • Seed # 9066
  • Seed # 4009
  • Seed # 400
  • Seed # 300043
  • Seed # 15913680
  • Seed # 12947

Seed # 9066:

This seed is implanted with cattle, horses, and bees in the fields or plains. When the seeds reap, they will grow sunflowers and dandelions in the field. It will present a breathtaking sight. These plains are on the side of the river, with tall oak trees and many beautiful flowers at the bank. The bees collect nectar from these tall sunflowers. The horses run at the bank of the river. They are present in the East direction of Minecraft.

Seed # 4009 :

If the player travels to the south side of the Minecraft world, he will find these plains with a Pillager Outpost. The block numbers of these plains are 0, 87, and 112. The more extensive plains are on blocks 90, 70, and 300. They are located in a village. This village is very unique and beautiful. Most parts are covered in water, and a small portion has enormous mountains. It is also called a flower forest; the player will see many pigs wandering around there. Cats are present in the mountain ranges. These seeds will grow into wildflowers, naming the region a flower forest.

Seed # 400:

If the player travels further from the first plain in the east direction, he will find the plains where sheep, pigs, cows, and chickens are roaming freely. These seeds will fill the forest with every kind of flower that comes to your imagination. This area is also called the Meadow Biome. Oak trees are scattered throughout the plain.

Seed # 300043:

If the player moves to the south of the Minecraft world, he will reach these plains. This plain contains pigs and horses. This is also located in a village. In block number 202 and from 73 to 136, the player will witness rare ice spikes to the east of it. A snowy village is present in blocks 114 and 63 to 320. This area is very cold, and the player will need many crafted items like snow boots and leather jackets which can be crafted in the creative mode. Only horses can be seen in this region. If you are a snow lover, this is the most beautiful area you can see in Minecraft.

Seed # 15913680:

This is a hilly area, and you will see it east of the snowy biome. Few horses and lots of sheep are seen here. It is rare to see any goats here. These seeds grow grasses which the sheep of this area eat.

Seed # 12947:

These seeds can be sown in the vast plain of the Minecraft world. This plain is located at coordinates 64 to approximately 32. This plain is flooded with sheep and cows. If you go on exploring, you will find deep caverns of coal ore and copper ore in coordinates 67, 65, and 188. In the west direction is a beach where a wrecked ship is buried. In the adventure mode, you must find the treasure buried in the shipwreck.

Keys to playing Minecraft:

Following are the control keys that you should master in order to play Minecraft efficiently:

  • Q –  to drop item.
  • W – to move forward.
  • E –  to go to inventory.
  • T –  to chat with other players.
  • A – to move left.
  • S – to move back.
  • D – to move right.
  • / – to run commands.
  • ESC – to pause the game.
  • F1- to hide.
  • F5- to change the camera.
  • 1-9 – go to toolbar selection.
  • Shift – hold to crouch or hold to fly down.
  • Space – to jump (single tap), to fly (double tap), to fly up (hold).
  • Left button of the mouse – to attack.
  • Right button of the mouse – to use any item.

The Best Way To Use Minecraft Seeds

For those who require a tutorial on the steps involved in using seeds to generate fresh Minecraft worlds,

Select Singleplayer from the game’s menu by clicking it. A summary of your current locations will appear after you follow it. The “Create New World” button allows you to create a unique world. In the next screen that appears, you will find the “More World Options” button in the bottom right corner. You can change the complexity and other variables according to your preferences during the configuration process. At the top, there is a black textbox where you can insert the seed code. Now that you have the world’s seed code, you can start exploring it. To complete the process, select “Create New World.” The seed code must also be entered if the value is lower than what you intended; otherwise, you will enter a different planet.

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  • How can plains be located in Minecraft?

In the game, you must type “locate biome,” and options will come to locate all the game’s biomes.

  • Which plain is the rarest in the game?

The plain with icy spikes is the rare in Minecraft.

  • What does seed 12345 do?

It is the scariest seed. It grows mysterious objects from the underground.

  • Can I play Minecraft on ps4?

Yes, there is an edition of Minecraft to play on ps4.