Co-Ords Sets

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Every woman goes through the hassle of deciding what to wear, which can consume a lot of time in the morning. Co-ord Sets or two-piece sets are magic outfits that save people from this confusion as they are coordinated sets. Introduced way back in the late 60s, these have also dominated the fashion scene these days. Here are some must-have co-ords for women for any occasion that makes dressing fast and easy.

What are Co-Ord Sets, And Why Are They A Must-Have?

A two-piece set with a top and a bottom that is sold as one item or a set is called a co-ord. The top and the bottom can be made from the same fabric and style or can be different for a unique and interesting look. Irrespective of the fabric and style, they are extremely comfortable and stylish. It can also be mix-and-matched with others pieces in your wardrobe, making them a practical and versatile choice.

There are quite a few reasons why they are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Firstly they are versatile and give a complete look without spending too much time. Plus, they never go out of fashion, so once you buy them, you can wear them without looking outdated.

Must-have Co-ord Sets

● Every day casual

The two-piece set that you choose as casual wear should be easy to accessorise and simple. It should not be too loud or bold. So the best choice as a must-have as daily wear co-ord sets is the cotton suits, kurta and dupatta sets. While there are many choices of cotton co-ords, printed cotton co-ord suits are a great choice. These come in a blend of cotton, silk or polyester and are easy and comfortable to wear. The printed designs make the outfit fun, and you will surely love wearing them. These are perfect for daily use when you have chores to complete.

● Office Co-ord

Want to look sophisticated and have an in-vogue look? Then choose a beige-printed cotton suit or a pink-printed suit with a red dupatta for a chic look. Pair it with wedges or bellies, and it becomes great formal office wear too. Instead of choosing the usual white or black set, opt for bold colours to nail the look. Black pumps can balance the look along with a choker neckpiece to have a bold look. Now you know what to wear for your next meeting!

● Black and white co-ord suits every woman’s must-have

There is something timeless and sophisticated about white and black outfits. So it is a favourite among every fashionista and is never out of style. These versatile colours give you the freedom to experiment and customise the look. It also fits into everyone’s taste and mood. Take, for instance, the black woven kurta, solid bottom and dupatta combination. You can choose a simple woven top or go for an embroidered or printed variety for a great look. Another variation is the off-white printed co-ord set with embroidery along the fabric for the top and bottom.

● Silk function wear

If you want to be a showstopper in your family function, then a silk co-ord set is a must-have in your collection. It is an easy-to-wear and style option as it comes in many prints and patterns. Choose a paisley print suit or a Daffodil yellow suit made from 100% silk, and this fabric gives you great comfort too. It will surely be your go-to for any traditional event or a small family function.

Start shopping for co-ord sets, as they are more versatile than having individual pieces. Accessorise with make-up and jewellery if you feel the need to jazz up. There are many ways to style the co-ords, so shop without worries.

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