5 Warning Signs You Need to Call Pest Control Services Immediately
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Unfortunately, more than 10 million homeowners in the U.S have some kind of pest infestation. And while some pests are difficult to notice, some leave clear warning signs that indicate you have a serious pest problem that requires you to call pest control.

Do you know the clear signs of a pest infestation? If not, we strongly advise that you keep reading since we’ll be covering some signs that you can’t ignore.

1. Ripped Fabric

As you already may know, certain pests enjoy munching or eating fabric. So, while you’re performing your home maintenance routine, make sure to check the fabric on your furniture or clothes since they may indicate a pest problem. Contact your local pest control company at the first sign of torn fabric since that means you have a serious infestation of carpet beetles or clothes moths!

2. Brown Spots on Your Bed or Clothes

If you notice oddly shaped spots on your bed sheets or clothes, then that’s a sign you have a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs suck on your blood, so these brown spots are dried-up blood where the bed bug bit you. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to contact professional bed bug services since these pests can harm your body!

3. Tiny Droppings Scattered Around Your Home

As you can expect, most bug-type pests leave tiny black droppings while larger pests like rats or mice leave larger brown ones. So, if you find droppings scattered around your home, then that means you have a serious issue. Moreover, pest droppings often contain harmful bacteria, so don’t wait too long to get them removed from your home.

4. Structural Damage Throughout Your Home

Certain pests like termites and rats build their nests within the walls of your home. And as you can expect, they must burrow through the wall to build their home, leaving behind lots of structural damage. So, if you notice that there are holes or cracks on the wall, make sure to inspect them further since they may indicate an infestation.

5. Strange Noises Coming From the Wall or Floor

Even though most pests are small in size, some make lots of noise while traversing through your home’s foundation. For example, mature flying termites create lots of buzzing noise while flying in a wall that you can easily hear. Meanwhile, cockroaches have a unique clicking noise that they use to communicate with others which you can also hear.

Call Pest Control at the First Sign of a Pest Problem

As you have seen, there are many warning signs that pests leave behind that indicate you need to call pest control. But, of course, if the infestation is not that serious, then you can easily take care of it. But, don’t hesitate to call a pest company if you see that your DIY methods aren’t working as intended. So, don’t waste another second, and contact a pest control company today!

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