Bamboo Weighted Blanket

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Many of the weighted blankets found around and used are made of either microfiber or cotton. But due to the fact that bamboo fabrics have now become very famous, many now use them for the production of weighted blankets. A bamboo weighted blanket is specially made in a form that makes it heavier than the average blankets so as to improve the period of sleep and as well remove bedtime anxiety.

Its Benefits

1. Ability to regulate temperature

Bamboo can naturally regulate temperature. Due to this property, a bamboo weighted blanket has the ability to adapt to any weather, maintain an ideal temperature and offer you the best temperature in different seasons of the year. You need not to worry because you will always feel comfortable and good all round the year. 

2. Usable all round the year

You can make use of your bamboo weighted blanket all round the year without having to switch with other blankets. All you just need to do is to always store your blankets properly when not in use. 

3. Bamboo sheets are Eco-Friendly

Bamboo grows at a very fast rate using little water which makes it always available for the production of blankets. When you use a bamboo weighted blanket, you are indirectly sustaining bamboo plants for continuous existence.

4. It is Ultra-Soft

A bamboo weighted blanket is always very soft, giving you a feel of comfortability and coziness which cannot be ignored. 

5. They do not get wrinkled easily 

Be calm, I know you would be too busy to start ironing a blanket. You don’t have to iron your blankets or worry about anything  because bamboo weighted blankets do not get wrinkled so easily.

6. Bamboo do not give allergy troubles

So many blankets are easily attacked by molds and mites but bamboo is antibacterial and less allergic. Therefore, you can sleep comfortably without any trouble or fear of attack from microscopic organisms.

Care and Maintenance

You can wash your blankets by using a washing machine but you must be careful to dry at lower temperature. 

You can also wash your bamboo weighted blanket manually by using a little soap and water to prevent any form of machine mishap and make sure you air-dry. 

The right weight for a weighted blanket

Whenever you need to get a weighted blanket, you must watch out for the best and correct weight for you. The best and most ideal weight is one that is 10 percent of the weight of your body. 

For instance, if the weight of your body is 100 pounds, the blanket you will get will be a 10lb weighted blanket. A 10lb weighted blanket is capable of accommodating your weight. If your body weight is 200 pounds, you will get a 20lb weighted blanket and so on depending on your body weight. 


Now that you got all you need to know about a bamboo weighted blanket, you can now purchase your blanket. But don’t forget that care and maintenance of your blankets makes it last longer. 

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