Pachinko Casino Game

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In Japan, Pachinko is a popular pastime. Pachinko casino game combines western pinball machines with slot machines and involves dropping tiny balls down passageways to see them bounce and slide. These devices function similarly to slot machines in Las Vegas, but instead of coins, they utilize steel balls. 

The pachinko machine was created before World War II, but it became fashionable after the war; many players regard pachinko as a means to relieve the pressure of everyday life. Many online casinos like Joo Casino contributed to digitization of that game, and here come more details about this entertainment! 


Pachi-pachi is a game created in Greece and brought to Chicago in 1924. It’s similar to the well-known game pinball. It became popular so quickly among confectioners because children could play the game and win prizes based on their performance there. In 1930, pachinko parlors began appearing throughout Japan, Nagoya being where the first one originated.

It began with the first wigs made of vegetable-tanned beaver fur. In 1936, it was established as a business. Within just 6 months, over 35 parlors had opened in Kochi Prefecture alone. All parlors were closed between 1938 and 1946 to preserve materials and workforce for WWII before returning to their original purpose.

The pachinko business grew even more quickly after that. There were 387,664 licensed parlors in 1953, each with several pachinko machines. That’s compared to the 9,794 current registered parlors, which is a bit of a contrast. There are just about 125,500 square kilometers of suitable land on Japan’s islands. Of course, digitization made this game more accessible, and here is the top casino list that lets you find sites with that game. 

Functioning Principle

So, Pachinko casino game is a popular Japanese gambling game that involves launching small metal balls up a vertical board filled with pins and obstacles. The aim is for the balls to land in specific pockets, which can earn players more balls or prizes. The functioning principle of pachinko lies in its use of gravity and chance (in online casinos, RNG determines that). As players launch the metal balls with a plunger or lever, gravity pulls them down through the pins and obstacles. The location and trajectory of each ball’s descent are ultimately determined by chance.

Players can influence their chances of winning by carefully choosing which pachinko machine to play on and mastering techniques to control the speed and direction of their launches. However, ultimately luck determines whether they will be successful in earning more balls or prizes.

In addition to individual player wins, pachinko parlors also make a profit by exchanging the balls won for prizes or monetary compensation at a discounted rate. This exchange system allows players to continue playing even if they run out of their own money to use.


A pachinko is a popular form of entertainment and gambling in Japan. It can be found in pachinko parlors throughout the country, with some even having multiple floors dedicated to the game. Pachinko machines can also be found in some department stores, restaurants, and even on the streets. Despite its widespread availability, pachinko has faced some controversy and criticism due to its addictive nature and links to organized crime. However, it remains a popular pastime for many in Japan.


According to research, the pachinko casino game is highly addictive and can easily lead to gambling addiction. Additionally, it has been linked to organized crime and money laundering activities.

Overall, it is recommended to avoid playing pachinko extensively for both financial and safety reasons. If you or someone on your social plane struggles with a pachinko or gambling addiction, it is important to seek professional help.

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