Pakistani Button Trousers

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There are many kinds of Pakistani button trousers available out there, and it can be hard to know which is which and why they’re different. But as long as you know how a certain fabric can change the shape and feel of the trousers you slip on, you’ll be able to put together some very fashionable outfits that’ll rock the casual or working world! So with that in mind, here’s a quick and in depth buying guide to the types of Pakistani button trousers available via our website. Be sure you know what fit will be good for you before you add to cart!

Cambric Trousers

Cambric trousers are a great type of button trouser for the hotter times of the year, thanks to how lightweight and ‘easy to wear’ the cambric material is. Most cambric trousers have a ‘swing’ motion to their look, and are quite sheer in both feel and aesthetics.

Aayra, a well known embroidery fashion house, have some great cambric additions for your collection. Cambric is a material that’s great for dyeing, meaning it comes in all kinds of colour combos, and can be paired with plenty of Shalwar Kameez outfits.

Shalwar Trousers

Wide at the waist and regular cuffed at the bottom, Salwars are incredibly comfortable button trousers to both wear and move around in, and have many versatile functions as a result. Able to be both pattern mixed and worn in block colours, Salwars are one of the most popular trousers in modern Pakistani culture.

Many fashion companies retail these trousers at some very affordable prices, such as Sapphire and Nureh, and each have their own specialised designer touch to really make you feel like you’ve got a hint of sophistication about your clothing.


A popular type of trouser the whole world round, originating in Europe, Culottes are a versatile type of button trouser that are meant to replicate the look of a skirt. Cut wide and great for both casual and formal situations, a pair of Culottes will look great no matter your fashion sense or available style.

The fashion company Sapphire are well known for their Culotte pants, with their products often intricately embroidered and bright in colour. Any button trousers pakistani bought from them would be wonderful for adding a splash of personality to an otherwise block or pastel look.

Tulip Pants

A classic kind of tracksuit pants for the summer period, Tulip Pants are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan, thanks to just how wearable such a cut is. Made out of multiple fabric layers, the button trousers cling in all the right places, and help to give you a stunning silhouette.

Available from popular fashion houses such as Nureh, Tulip Pants come in many designs and colours, so you’re sure to find the right pair of trousers for you. You’ll enjoy just how much time has gone into the embroidery and beading work, and you’ll be able to snap a wonderful photo without any need for a filter.

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