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It’s an age-old romantic tale. Client finds IT support provider. Client loves provider’s services, and provider loves client’s money. Both are lovey-dovey until the client has a problem. The client spends their precious time writing an email describing their issue. The provider files the client’s concern as ticket #103756. Finally, in 3–5 business days, the provider sends a response that immediately addresses the client’s concern, if that client should ever be so lucky.

More often than not, the client is not so lucky. The concern is not immediately resolved, so the client’s business problems persist and worsen over time. After so much heartwrenching pain to their bottom line, the client breaks up with the provider to look for another one that would treat them better. The question is, is there another way besides reactive IT support? The answer is an emphatic YES. If you want an IT service provider that actually values your time and takes care of your needs, then you actually want proactive IT support.

What is proactive IT support?

Proactive IT support is a deliberate method of assisting clients before they need to contact a support team, often before they even realize that they have a question. Such support isn’t restricted to one technology or function. Instead, it involves a holistic approach that incorporates your IT service provider’s values, methods, and technological capabilities in order to anticipate your needs and provide you with the appropriate assistance at the appropriate moment via the appropriate channel.

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The benefits of proactive support

Proactive IT support sets your business up for success by accomplishing the following:

It anticipates IT issues before they become full-blown problems

A proactive IT firm will manage and maintain your IT infrastructure and digital assets. By ceaselessly monitoring your IT systems, they will discover and repair problems before these become worse. They’ll ensure that your digital assets are up to date and working properly, and that your staff members are fully informed about how to utilize the technology at their disposal.

A small but significant portion of proactive tech support is up-to-date client education. This means that you’re supplied with help documents, video tutorials, and timely emails about the latest tech updates.

Proactive tech support frequently leads to a more pleasant IT experience for your team as well as minimized downtime for your company. In other words, you’ll stop burning daylight waiting for break-fix technicians to solve problems and more time making your business grow.

It reduces IT costs in the long run

Proactive IT support may feel costly since you don’t immediately see problems getting solved, but problem mitigation is exactly what you’re paying for. If, for example, your business suffers downtime due to IT problems, each minute of downtime can cost your business $5,600. And if cybersecurity vulnerabilities fester and cause a data breach, it may cost you $4.35 million.

Break-fix services may feel inexpensive since you only pay for them when you need them, but since the provider is incentivized by you having IT problems, then they might just treat symptoms and not root causes to ensure repeat business. And even if the provider is ethical, they may arrive on the scene when the problem has already become critical and very expensive to fix.

A proactive support provider, on the other hand, must consistently fend off IT issues to earn their keep, otherwise, they’ll lose the trust — and the business — of their client. More importantly, their success is completely dependent on their client’s success. If the client’s business goes bust, then that’s less revenue for the provider.

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