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To keep your upholstery looking clean and fresh, it’s important to regularly clean it. While there are many methods for cleaning your upholstery yourself, after many years, a deep clean is needed to effectively kill germs and bring deep stains to the surface.

Here are five professional cleaning methods to consider to get your upholstered furniture looking new and bring comfort for many years to come. 

1- Dry Cleaning

If you look at the tag on your upholstered furniture, it will likely make the recommendation that your upholstery is cleaned using dry cleaning. Dry cleaning involves the application of a dry cleaning solvent to the soiled areas of the upholstery, which can then be blotted. 

While some materials do need dry cleaning, a professional upholstery cleaning service has the knowledge and expertise to clean your furniture using more thorough methods. 

2 – Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaner is available both commercially and professionally. It’s a great choice for removing superficial stains that won’t come out with a wet cloth. 

The foam cleaner is simply applied to the soiled area and left to sit for a short period of time. After it’s had a chance to loosen the dirt and oil, it can be vacuum cleaned.

While foam cleaning is great for removing stains from fabrics that are susceptible to moisture damage, it won’t remove deeper stains. 

3 – Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction

While both steam cleaning and hot water extraction use similar techniques, the temperatures are different, making them suitable for different types of upholstery. 

Hot water extraction heats water to the point that it is hot enough to kill bacteria and germs, while also being able to rinse stains. On the other hand, steam cleaning involves heating water to the point that it turns from a liquid to a gas. This makes steam cleaning effective for killing germs, but will not remove stains. 

4 – Carbonation Cleaning

While hot water extraction will remove even the toughest of stains, they make the upholstery very wet, leading to a long drying time. This can be problematic if the furniture is not left in a well-ventilated, dry area, as mold may begin to form. 

Carbonation cleaning is a great alternative to hot water extraction. With the use of only a fraction of water needed for hot water extraction, carbonation cleaning uses a carbonating cleaning solution that produces millions of tiny bubbles. These bubbles work to draw the stain to the surface, where it can be easily wiped clean.

Another benefit of carbonation cleaning is that it forms a protective barrier on the fibers of the fabric, thereby helping to prevent future stains. 

5 – Chemical Cleaning

A chemical upholstery cleaner can be used to spot clean all types of upholstery, including leather. This solution works as a dry shampoo, allowing the furniture to dry within an hour. 

While this product is safe for fabrics, if you’re someone who prefers a more eco-friendly product, carbonation cleaning and hot water extraction may be better options for you. Upholstery Cleaning Sydney can help recommend the perfect professional upholstery cleaning method for you. 

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