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Purchasing a profitable investment property in Melbourne is akin to operating a small company. You just need a high-quality product that is appealing to the general population. Then, engage competent staff to look after your investment. When it comes to running this sort of business, our buyers advocates in Melbourne reveal some of the secrets to success. 

Buying a property in Melbourne might be intimidating if you are new with the process. When considering your purchase, properties are classified as either active or passive investments. Active investing necessitates investors being on the move, such as buying a property, fixing it up, and then selling it for a profit. Passive investment, on the other hand, would often include acquiring flats or homes to be rented out in order to provide a continual source of income and value appreciation over time.

Is now a good time to invest?

Property markets fluctuate cyclically; while short-term trends may be flat or downward, the long-term tendency has always been upward. With the population expected to reach 40 million by the middle of the century and Melbourne’s population expected to reach 8,000,000, long-term capital growth for Melbourne property is inevitable.

So, rather than attempting to timing a home purchase based on the cycle, consider your income, and if it is secure and the moment is appropriate for you, this may be a great opportunity to acquire a footing in the Melbourne property market while others are waiting. With the property market rising due to significant government support, record low borrowing rates, and improved investment value, it appears to be an opportune time for investors who have been on the side lines.

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Currently, Melbourne’s house price rise is outpacing unit growth, and while various sectors of the market have seen robust demand, more expensive homes in Melbourne are outperforming less costly properties.

A good investment starts with a good team!

It might be difficult to enter the Melbourne real estate market. Some of the challenges that a buyer must overcome include:

  • Investing in a suburb with high capital growth and low rental vacancy rates that is not overpriced.
  • Dealing with real estate brokers and separating reality from fantasy.
  • The general public’s competition. Properties frequently sell for far more than their market worth.

Many investors overlook one of the most critical aspects of successful real estate investing: an exit strategy. This can influence the sort of home you buy in the first place.

Long-term investors, for example, might subdivide property and create second homes with equity, thus purchasing property with a big land allotment is preferable. Short-term investors would search for a property with the greatest potential for capital growth and where value may be increased with simple additions.

Fortunately, there Wakelin has teams of real estate specialists & property advocates in Melbourne that can assist you in purchasing your investment property. Buyers agents are ex-real estate agents who understand what makes a good investment property since they’ve sold hundreds of properties as real estate agents and seen first-hand what makes a successful investment. They oversee the entire process, from picking the ideal property from hundreds to determining its market worth and obtaining the best possible outcome for their customers.

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