6 Proven Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep
6 Proven Bedroom Feng Shui Tips For Better Sleep

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

It’s been days you are not able to sleep and wondering what’s wrong with you? You left black coffee for your sleep, but still, it’s not working out? Try pushing yourself to figure out the ways for undisturbed sleep and end up being awake at night?

We understand the pain of being insomniac; maybe it’s time to experiment something new to get rid of this disorder or mood. Try the Feng shui tips for better sleep.

What is Feng shui?

Feng shui is a Chinese concept, which says we can’t control the external circumstances but can control the environment by changing our living space.  

Many people follow Feng shui technique believing that positive energy flow subsumes and makes you repose for long hours. Sounds amazing.

In the Chinese language, Feng denotes wind and Shui denotes water. The Chinese culture considers water and wind as a sign of good health and luck. 

Organising your sleeping place by following the Feng shui tips will stimulate positive energy flow and help you get a decent sleep.

This article will discuss some Feng shui tips that will facilitate better sleep and bring good fortune through the flow of positive energy in your living room. 

Let me list out the 6 proven tips by Feng Shui below,

Here is a list of 6 Proven Feng Shui tips that could help you for better sleep.

1. Choose the right bed for yourself 

The principles of Feng shui state that wooden beds are considered to be the best choice for a night of better sleep. 

Feng shui experts say that beds made up of metal or iron are the worst choice you can make.

You will end up feeling like a prisoner or a person admitted to a hospital. That’s why wooden beds are the best.

Go for beds that have a wooden headboard; there is a scientific reason behind this. We all are guilty of having a habit of watching television by keeping our head on the headboard, so when we do that, energy transfer happens from your headboard to your body. 

Wooden headboards initiate the spread of positive energy in your body, whereas a headboard made up of metal can spread negative energy, and you may end up feeling tired. 

So don’t fall for the excellent design of a headboard or a bed. Choosing the right material for your bed and headboard is essential.

2. Furniture relocation or replacement 

The Feng shui has specific rules that state how the bed, mattress and other related furniture should be placed in your bedroom. 

Firstly, the headboard of the bed should be attached to a wall. Also, avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed because Feng shui experts believe that having a mirror in front of you while sleeping can lead to energy depletion and making it difficult to restore that energy. 

Also, don’t align your bed to a door because the Feng shui experts believe that this would represent a dead body in a coffin, taking away the feet first. A strange fact, but it’s true.

3. Concentrate on Colors

The colors play a significant role when it comes to deciding the colour shades of your room. 

The principles of Feng shui say that the color scheme should be according to the five elements – water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. 

According to research, the color we use should possess the dominant element of your sun sign. For instance, if your sign is earth, the cream color should be used that represents calmness. A person who has a dominant wood sign should avoid going for pink.

Concentrate on Colors

4. Get rid of the clutter 

The spaces between the beds are the areas we don’t pay heed to, and this is a place where a lot of dust gets piled up. It can disrupt your energy flow. Keep your living area clean and organised.

5. Allow the air to flow 

The flow of positive energy comes with the flow of air. Keep your room ventilated so that there is a lot of fresh air in your room. Getting a lot of fresh air while sleeping facilitates better sleep.

6. Welcome nature and say bye to technology

The gadgets and electronics you use before going to bed mean you are risking your sleep, negatively impacting your life. 

Feng shui experts advise that the electronics should not be used at least 30 min before bedtime because these add fire energy to the room, making it difficult for you to have a good sleep. 

Instead, have paintings, showpieces that have a hint of our beautiful nature. Also reading books helps you to sleep better. It adds calmness, and you will have a beautiful sleep. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and go early to bed and wake up early, active and fresh. 

We heard of choosing the right bed to stay with positive energy flow, and I would even suggest you choose the right mattress to overcome health-related issues and have an excellent bedding experience.

So keeps that positive energy flowing in your bedroom by ensuing these fantastic tips.

Follow these general rules for a night of better sleep and combine them with these fantastic Feng shui tips. 

Nighty night!

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