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Real estate is a complex industry. There are many moving parts and opportunities for things to go wrong. There’s also a lot of paper involved in an agent’s day-to-day responsibilities. Given all this, the best real estate software can streamline your business processes and keep everything organized. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best real estate software options and help you find the one that fits your business needs.

What to Look for When Choosing Real Estate Software

There are a few considerations when choosing a new software solution. First, consider your team’s skill set. If your agents are more technologists than they are salespeople, you may want to find a platform that is easy to use. Look at the user interface (UI) to get a feel for how intuitive it is. Another consideration is the ease of onboarding. You want to find software that is easy to adopt, especially if your team is switching to another solution. You’ll want to look at the onboarding process to see how easy it is to get up and run. You’ll also want to consider integrations and your company’s long-term goals. You’ll want a well-integrated platform with other applications, like your CRM or marketing automation platform. You’ll also want to think about the long-term goals for your business. Will your team outgrow the solution in a few years? Is there room for growth?

Real estate marketing software

Real estate marketing software makes it easy to send automated emails and manage your leads. You can set up drip campaigns that send potential clients emails to help move them through the sales funnel. This is where real estate marketing software is handy. You can set up marketing campaigns to engage your leads and move them into the sales process. With marketing software, you can create beautiful landing pages, track your website’s visitors, and get referrals. You can also host your website on a HubSpot or Market Sphere platform. Real estate marketing software will allow you to track your leads, send automated emails, and create beautiful landing pages to help you close more sales.

Real estate marketing software

Lead management and CRM software

If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for managing your leads, you may want to consider lead management and CRM software. This robust solution includes lead management, contact management, and sales activities. Some solutions even allow you to create contracts and run your CRM within the same platform. Companies like Clio or Salesforce tend to be the gold standard in CRM solutions.


Real estate is a highly competitive industry; to succeed, agents and brokers must have access to the best technology tools available. There are various software options on the market today that can help real estate professionals manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Here’s a unique overview of some of the best real estate software to help grow your business.

One of the most popular real estate software options is customer relationship management (CRM) software. This software is designed to help agents and brokers manage their client relationships, track leads, and streamline communication. Some popular CRM options include Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho.

Another useful tool is virtual tour software. This type of software allows real estate professionals to create 3D tours of properties, which can be shared with clients online. Some popular virtual tour software options include Matterport and Tourbuzz.

Marketing software is also essential for real estate professionals who want to grow their businesses. This software can help agents and brokers create and distribute marketing materials like flyers, brochures, and social media posts. Popular marketing software options include Canva, Hootsuite, and Buffer.

Finally, document management software is critical for keeping track of important documents such as contracts, leases, and disclosures. Some popular document management software options include DocuSign, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

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Bottom line

Real estate is a complex industry, and running a real estate business requires substantial organizational skills. The best real estate software can help you organize your business and collaborate with your team. Real estate software includes lead management, contact management, and sales activities. When choosing real estate software, consider your team’s skill set. Look for a solution that is easy to use and easy to onboard. You’ll also want to find a well-integrated solution with room for growth.

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