4 Reasons Why You Need To Buy The Ugg Boots

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Are you crazy about wearing new footwear and flaunting them to your friends? Then this article is a present for you. Footwears were the least concerning thing when it came to fashionable dressing. But now, they have become a part of the flavour. There are daily trends for footwear with which everybody wants to be updated. One such ever-trendy footwear is the ugg boots. They define fashion statements with comfort to the world. Ugg boots in Australia are the native boots. The history of the invention and use of these sheepskin boots dates back to the 1800s. The Australian shepherds used them with leather straps around their ankles and feet. However, the ugg boots in Australia came into fashion recognition from the 1970s.

People think they came into use for protection against the cold climate. This ends up being a myth. The Australian surfing community made them trendy by using them to protect from the warmth after surfing. Twin-face Sheepskin is the primary material used in ugg boots manufacturing. The skin of the sheep undergoes many procedures before becoming a remarkable boot.

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Why should you own ugg boots right away?

Keeps you cosy

 It is common to feel the cold more to your other body parts.

 Keeping the feet and ankle warm for good blood circulation during winter is essential. The ugg boots play their role best to keep you warm throughout the winter season. The ugg boots use the top grade sheepskin to give you all the warmth and comfort.

Beat the heat

Its use does not end after the winter season. It also keeps you cool during summers. So you can show off your favourite ugg boots all the time, no matter if it is snowing or springtime.


Usually, warm essentials do not go well with comfort. It does not happen in the case of the ugg boots. Their prime function is comfort. These boots make use of the Grade-A sheepskin that is very soft to feel.

Evergreen fashion

There is always some new fashion trend popping up. But, ugg boots in Australia are never out of fashion. Instead, they are the fashion statements of Australia. Since it’s all-season footwear, they are always in vogue. These boots are casual among fashion icons and social media influencers who keep the trend alive.

Highly durable

These shoes last for many years. They are from high-quality skin and light in weight. Well manufactured Ugg boots get an A grade on the time test. If you are a regular user, you can change your inner sole when you find it uncomfortable. The insoles are available separately. It encourages the customers to spend more on these boots. It is prime to maintain and care for your ugg boots for durability.

Difference between the original and fake ugg boots in Australia

Check the label

There are many look-alike fake boots available in the market. It is important to check even the minuscule features. The first step is to know the original labelling. Then check the label of your product. Check the font size, spellings and symbols used on it. The holographic sun logo changes its colour from white to black when rotated at 90 degrees.

Check the package

A genuine Ugg boot comes in sturdy cardboard boxes with a lid and the logo on the front and company name on its side. The wrapper should also mention ‘UGG AUSTRALIA’. The wrapper should be thick and of high quality.

The tag and security labels

Check the tag on the shoe. There are no tags attached to the original boots.

There would be a foil-based security strip or sewn-in size on the left pair of your Ugg shoe. Check if the shoe box has the same security strip. There are also QR codes with these stickers to check the originality of the boots. Now turn over the label and check its backside. There must be a 3D effect on the UGG logo that rolls over the sun symbol.

Fur and sole

The fur of an authentic pair would have a posh creamy colour. It feels soft, thick and good while touched. The original boot’s wool never wears off when rubbed. The sole must be flexible and rigid with the sun logo at its centre.

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