T-shirts – can you really go wrong with them? They’re something you can throw on in almost any daily situation. They might not be suitable for a Michelin-star dining experience, but the average Joe could easily spend seven days a week wearing different t-shirts. And now they’re more than simple fashion.

Read on to learn how t-shirts are reinventing casual fashion. 

Simple Tees in The Home

When you’re lounging at home, comfort is king. But comfy doesn’t have to mean sloppy, and t-shirts are doing that. 

A simple, well-fitted t-shirt creates a relaxed and stylish home wardrobe. You can fill your wardrobe with wholesale t-shirts from websites like Wordans and they’ll all look good. Whether cleaning up, chilling out, or chasing after the kids, a cotton blend tee gives you the breathability and softness you crave. Pick neutral shades like white or pastel tones (in style for spring) that keep you looking fresh and effortless.

Simple Tees for Work

We’re living in the most modern working era – some would say that Gen Z and the younger generations are driving a more casual workplace. Dress-down Fridays have become dress-down every day. It’s business casual but more casual than business.

Pair a solid-coloured t-shirt (neutral colours work best) with a tailored blazer and jeans or trousers for a look that’s polished without being overly formal. Some workplaces won’t mind how casual you go, but if yours does, a blazer over the top makes the look more professional.

Simple Tees For Bar Nights

Bar nights are some of the best nights. They’re nights when you want to make some effort, but it’s your local bar, so you don’t have to make too much effort. Again, a casual tee is the perfect option for this type of occasion

Pick a t-shirt with a natural tone (again), but pair it with something more suitable for the bar. Smart white trousers, linen trousers, a leather jacket – that sort of vibe.

For a guy, a simple tee, dark jeans, and a jacket are all they need to look good for a night out. Guys have it so much easier when it comes to simple fashion and making it look good going out.

Simple Tees For Summer

Summer and simple tees are two peas in a pod. Depending on how warm the weather gets, you’ll probably live in simple tees or cropped t-shirts. They’re the ultimate throw-on-and-go piece that keeps you cool. Embrace summer colours like icy and pastel blues that are trending this season.

Look for the different styles – oversized, cropped, or detailed styles all look good during summer. 

Don’t forget to pair them with sunglasses and your favourite shorts for an effortless, heat-beating look. The main goal for summer will be to be as airy and free to breathe as possible…if we get a nice summer!

Reinventing your wardrobe with simple tees is reinventing fashion. Sometimes it can feel like fashion is about making a big show, but it’s becoming far from it. Casual tees are becoming something to wear to every occasion – but the occasion will determine how you style it. 

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