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Nearly 79 percent of Americans feel that a yard is an important feature of a home. Yet, people lack knowledge of how to care for a yard. Nature does not produce a good-looking yard naturally, so you need to care for your lawn to keep it looking great.

Do you want to improve the look of your lawn? Are you familiar with the benefits of fertilizing your yard? Keep reading to learn the importance of fertilization to keep your yard looking great.

1. Protect the Soil

Like your body, grass needs nutrients in order to grow. If you have thick grass, it helps prevent soil runoff. If your yard is properly fertilized, the soil is less likely to get depleted with storms and rain.

Healthy soil promotes healthy yards for years to come. Over time, your soil loses nutrients. Fertilizing helps replace these nutrients so your yard can continue to grow in high-quality soil.

2. Reduce Weeds

Want to get rid of weeds in your yard? Using fertilization services helps prevent weeds from growing. Your yard will be thick and healthy making your grass dense.

This means there is no room for weeds to grow in your lawn. Your yard will also have strong roots that weeds will not affect. Most fertilizers also include weed prevention treatment. Using a fertilization company is perfect for your lawn to remove those pesky (and unsightly) weeds.

3. Improve Disease Resistance

If you have ever lost a big portion of your yard all at once, this was most likely due to a disease. When your grass has a disease, it attacks at the root of the grass. When grass has enough nutrients to grow strong, it is less prone to disease.

Grass is alive and needs the right amount of nutrients to prevent disease—like you!

4. Resist Pest Damage

If your yard is healthy and well-fertilized, it is more resistant to any damage from pests. This is because your yard is vibrant, thick, and healthy, so pests have a hard time taking hold of your yard. Even if pests do affect your yard, a regular fertilization schedule helps ensure a quick recovery.

5. Enhance Overall Growth

Do you see that your yard grows thicker in some areas compared to others? This is mostly due to a lack of nutrients. Soil may not have the nutrients evenly distributed, so the yard does not grow evenly.

This is why fertilizing your yard helps your yard grow evenly.

Get the Lawn You Want With Proper Lawn Care

Have you always dreamed of lush, green grass? Do you want to have the best yard in the neighborhood? If so, it’s important that you enhance your yard care with regular fertilization to give your grass the nutrients and protection it needs to grow.

Want to learn more about yard care tips or landscaping services to improve your home’s curb appeal? Keep exploring our site today for more great yard and home maintenance tips to make your home (and yard) look its best.