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Cell Phones have become an important part of our lives. We rely on our cell phones to perform our day-to-day operations. It is our main source of communication, information, and navigation. In other words, it has revolutionized our world. With such extensive usage of cell phones, accidents are bound to happen. Therefore, it is necessary for us to keep our phones well-maintained. 

The problem arises when you have to select the right store for phone repair from various stores. This is especially true for london. But don’t worry, we have come up with some tips and tricks to help you find the right store for cell phones repair in London, ON in minimum time, so keep reading. 

Checklist for a good store for Cell phones repair in London, ON

Taking your cell phone to the right cell phone and tablet repair store is a trick. It is not easy to find the right technician who uses the right tools to fix your phone; therefore, to help you find the right store for cell phones repair in London, ON we have compiled a checklist that you must go through to find the right store for your cell phone.


Conducting good market research and making a price comparison between different cell phone repair stores is a must. You can do this by visiting different stores for cell phones repair in London, ON and ask them for price estimates. If you notice a huge price difference between some stores, if one store charges way too much and one charge too low, it is good to cut them off your list. 

Performing a price comparison between different stores will help you understand which store uses genuine components when repairing a cell phone and which uses fake ones. It is important to note that the stores which use genuine components for cell phones repair usually charge a bit higher than the ones that use fake components. Fake components shorten the life period of a device, and the repair doesn’t even last long.

Therefore, It is recommended to go to a well-reputed cell phone repair store like Raz Tech, which uses genuine components and provides the best quality at the most affordable rates. 


It is important to check what services the cell phone repair store specializes in. Some stores for phone repair in London, ON specialize in services like tablet repair, computer repair, smartphone repair, etc.. In contrast, some stores specialize in repairing iPhones, iWatch or specifically the latest models of smart phones. Hence, it is best to check the services provided by a store before giving your phone for repair. 


How long does the shop has been in business? This point is a little tricky, but it helps to understand whether the store is experienced or not. It is also important to note that some smalls might be new and small, but they offer quality services. However, the technicians in the store have to be experienced. An inexperienced technician is prone to errors & omissions. 


The longer the warranty the store offers, the more confident you become about their services. If a store offers a shorter warranty, you become hesitant about the quality of the repair and start getting doubts that the repair may not last long. Hence, going to a cell phone repair store that offers a longer warranty is a wise decision. 

Customer Reviews 

Going over the customer reviews and testimonials on the official sites of the cell phone repair shop helps you understand if the business is customer-centric or not. It will also give you an accurate perspective of their customer service and satisfaction.

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The points mentioned above will form together to provide you with a checklist that you must go through before selecting a store for cell phones repair in London, ON. All these points will help you identify if the store you’re opting do offer the services you are looking for and whether the repair done by that particular store will last long or not. Choosing the right store for your cell phone repair can save you a lot of time, effort, and, ultimately, your phone. Hence conducting a background check will help you identify if the store is capable enough, like the Raz Tech store, which offers many quality cell phone and tablet repair services at the most affordable rates.

For more information, please check the FAQ section below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the most common phone repairs?

The most common phone repairs are screen replacement, Battery Replacement, Fixing Stuck/Loose Buttons & fixing water-damaged phones.

Q2. Is it cheaper to fix a phone or replace it?

We believe fixing a phone is more efficient and less costly than getting a new one. Common fixes are way cheaper than replacing it with a new phone.

Q3, Will I lose my data if I replace my phone screen?

The screen of phones does not contain any sort of data. Hence replacing it won’t cause any loss or affect the data on your phone. 

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