Severe Injuries In A Slip And Fall Accident

Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Slip and fall injuries are common everywhere. However, when these injuries are caused due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness leading to severe physical injuries, it falls under a slip and fall accident under the eyes of the law. 

Although it is a common thought that slip and fall accidents do not result in a lot of damage, the suddenness of the accident decides the severity of the injury. For example, you can break a bone or hurt your back severely in a slip and fall injury in the worst cases.

Usually, a slip and fall injury can occur in a place due to various factors like uneven flooring, spilled food on the ground, wet tiles, and cracked pavement. Like other common accidents, you can also raise a claim for a slip and fall injury with the help of injury attorneys Huntington Beach.

Here are some severe injuries that may occur in a slip and fall accident:

Knee injuries:

Like other joint injuries, a knee injury due to a slip and fall accident is also painful and can impact a person’s mobility, resulting in chronic pain. The damage can result in lifelong issues with further complications if left untreated.

Dislocation in the joints:

It is evident that when a person slips and falls, he will most likely use his joints for instant support. However, it might impact the joints while doing so, resulting in a dislocation. 

Injury in the spinal cords:

The spinal cord is one of the crucial functioning nerve tissues responsible for movement in general. A slip and fall accident can also result in injuries in your back, leading to paralysis or any sensory impairment.

Traumatic brain injury:

In some cases, a person may hurt their head by directly hitting the ground in a slip and fall accident resulting in severe damage to the brain. This may cause cognitive impairment and painful swelling in the brain.

A victim of a slip-and-fall accident must consult a doctor immediately. Even if the injuries are not visible on the outside, get a proper diagnosis from a doctor so that you can be sure if there are no internal injuries. This is because sometimes you may incur internal injuries and not be aware of them, resulting in severe consequences in the long run. Additionally, the medical report and lab tests will also serve as evidence when filing for an insurance claim.