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Although there is still a stigma surrounding online gaming, it can actually be an educational hobby and not just for entertainment – the skills you develop through certain games can help you become a better gamer in general, but they are also highly applicable in real life situations.

If you are wondering what skills you can develop and how, read our list below and decide for yourself whether online gaming is useful or not.


A lot of online games involve an element of risk-taking, which can teach you valuable lessons on when to go for it or when to give up. It can also help you become better at ascertaining the danger levels of any real or fictional situation and decide on the best move to ensure the least amount of loss.

A good example of this are online gambling games – however, the risk should only be related to gameplay and not pose a serious threat to you, so to ensure your online safety make sure to check out casino review websites like Fruity Slots.


Puzzle games can be a great way to learn valuable problem-solving skills – some games, like the Portal series, employ a great amount of thinking and pattern recognition, which can be very useful even in real life situations (for example, at your job).

Through these types of gaming , you can also become more adaptable, more willing to experiment, and think outside the box when it comes to solving issues, even when you have limited resources in your arsenal.


Sometimes, we can become quite absorbed into a game, especially if it is engaging to us. Whether it’s a story-based game or an intense teamwork battle, gaming can teach us a lot about concentration and help us become more focused.

Being dedicated to solving any issues a game presents to you will help you in life as well, as you will learn to stay focused on longer-term goals and finish important projects you may have.

Social skills

Although gaming is associated with being more introverted or isolated, that can sometimes be quite far from the truth. With an incredible rise in multiplayer gaming in recent years, people are now able to build interpersonal connections through their favourite games – sometimes, these internet friendships can even last a lifetime.

Not only that, but team-based gaming allow you to work together as a team and solve problems together, skill which is sought out nearly everywhere you will work these days. Teamwork games can also be great in teaching you how to take responsibility and be in charge of certain tasks, allowing you to become a better leader in general.


The first games ever created consisted of relatively simple gameplay – Tetris, Minesweeper to name a few. However, gaming nowadays are becoming increasingly more complex, as gameplay can have many different elements to it such as teamwork, puzzle/mystery-solving, combat, time management etc. These games do wonders at training young minds the benefits of multi-tasking, and also help them get adjusted to our fast-paced world in the future.


Lots of games out there heavily rely on repetitive gameplay, which can be tedious but usually leads to high rewards. This can teach you valuable skills in dealing with routine in general, and get used to the grind, no matter if it is schoolwork, job tasks or finishing a longer creative project. Knowing that the reward will be worth it can make the boring journey seem worth it, so it is important to be patient no matter what your goals are.