Smaller Cities in Ontario Perfect for Raising a Family

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Ontario is an amazing province that’s possibly best known for Toronto, but it has a lot more to offer the world than its major cities.  Within Ontario, countless small towns and towns provide the chance to enjoy an idyllic life with historic architecture, tight-knit communities, and endless events and festivals that will keep you entertained.

If you want to find paradise in this province, these are the top small cities that you should consider making your next home!

Niagara on the Lake

With a population of just 18,000, Niagara on the Lake feels like a perfect tiny town that’s been untouched by time.  The classic architecture, beautiful surroundings, and slower lifestyle ensure that people enjoy taking their time in this city.

Of course, the best part of living in Niagara on the Lake is your proximity to Niagara Falls!  This world-famous waterfall is one of the top tourist attractions in Canada, and living near it means you can stop at any time you like!  This area is most beautiful in the fall and is fantastic year-round.


Larger than Niagara on the lake, Hamilton is a gorgeous city that offers everyone the chance to enjoy historic Canada with modern amenities.  Home to 500,000 people, this city sits on Lake Ontario, allowing stunning views of the water year-round.

Filled to the brim with conservation areas and waterfalls, you can get to know the frosted ridge known as “the mountain” and enjoy the beautiful views covering every inch of this town.  Although Halton real estate is a popular purchase for first-time investors: it’s a fantastic place to call home.


Back down to a smaller city, Stratford is a city in southwestern Ontario with just over 30,000 people.  World-famous for its Stratford Festival, which holds multiple Shakespearean plays in several theaters, this town is filled with Victorian charm.

The Shakespearean Gardens are a masterpiece of beautiful nature stretched out through several acres, and every inch of this city feels just as perfectly crafted.  Although some may see this as a themed town, it’s cute and worth it.


The smallest town on this list, and by far the most interesting, Goderich, is a tiny beach town with just under 7,000 people.  Surrounded by endless bright blue water and founded just under 200 years ago, this town has a long and interesting history that it’s proud to explain to anyone who asks.

Attractive features like the Goderich Main Beach, and the Menesetung Bridge, allow you to feel like you’ve stepped into paradise.  Although this is an incredibly small town and one of the smallest in Ontario: it has a lot of culture and personality that will make you instantly feel like you’ve joined an 8,000 member family.

You Can Make A Community for Yourself Anywhere

The best part of a tiny town or city is how easy it is to make yourself feel at home.  From the fantastic people, wonderful views, and slower-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to see why so many people are entranced with the idea of these smaller towns.

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