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Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Things we choose to do shape our lifestyles. The world is in danger because of our advancements, and it needs our awareness to walk on the path of improvement. You can bring some changes to your lifestyle, which will ultimately lead to a better environment. Here we are sharing such changes, and we hope most of you will try to adopt them.

Use Of Bicycle

Motor vehicles running on petroleum products are amongst the most proactive reasons for increasing air pollution. And we have adopted the use of motor vehicles so much that we don’t think about the necessity but only the comfort. A personal vehicle is sure to be used for comfortable travelling but not when it is not necessary. The first change you should adopt in your lifestyle is the use of bicycles for short travels. Countries like Netherland, Germany, and Sweden have people who use bicycles the most, and these countries have managed to curb air pollution to a greater extent. 

Saving Electricity 

The topic has been in talks for many years, and people have somewhat understood what to do. Switching off fans and lights before leaving the room is accepted widely. But as the demand for beautiful homes has increased, lightning plays an important role, and people do have decorative lights outside their homes. Switching these lights off if there is no specific use can save a lot of electricity. And other small gestures like switching off Wifi and charging plugs can also make a huge difference. Less electricity consumption means a reduction in the number of toxic fumes released by power plants.

Less Use Of Paper Cups & Paper Napkins

The world knows that paper is made out of trees, and to fulfil the demand, factories are thrashing down thousands of trees every day. Paper napkins and paper cups are used widely in hotels, restaurants, offices, and other places. And both the products include a very high use of trees and water. Try to use as few paper napkins as possible wherever you eat out in hotels and restaurants. If you are working in an office, then start using a mug or a cup for your beverage needs instead of paper cups. Doing that will decrease the demand for the products, and ultimately, you will be adding your efforts for a better environment. 

Cleanliness Is The Key

Awareness programmes like ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ have surely made an impact, but the target is still far away. And this little change takes no hefty efforts to pull off. All we need to do is control our zest of throwing garbage here and there on the roads. Always find a dustbin. If you have peels of fruits and vegetables when you are out of your home, make sure to put them around the base of a tree so that it can work as compost. Teach your kids to keep the environment clean, and they will have it in their lifestyle from the very beginning. 

More Trees & Plants

Trees and plants are the best ways to improve our air quality. They provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. One house plant can absorb 0.0000019 kg of CO2 in 24 hours, and one big tree can absorb around 21 KG Carbon dioxide every day. You can make a habit of planting a tree every year on your birthday. Your efforts will provide benefits to the next generations too. Do not limit your efforts to outside only; you should also have around three to four plants in your home. Keeping lady palm, bamboo palm, rubber plant, and money plant indoors can improve the home’s air quality. 

Produce Less Waste

Well, what does that actually mean? Every person produces some amount of garbage every day. Not all of it can be controlled, but we should do what we can. Stop using single-use plastic items such as plates, spoons, and glasses. Changing smartphones every one or two years is what people do, which isn’t necessary. The amount of e-waste is increasing significantly every day, and we can control it. You should only buy new gadgets only when you really need them. 

Let’s create a better world together!

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