Summed Up Your All-Time Favorite Games of 2021

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And so, the year 2021 comes to a close. There have been many trying moments in 2021, and we are hoping that 2022 will turn out to be a better year! However, believe it or not, 2021 did bring some fantastic games worth trying! While most of the games come off as interesting, the below games will get you hooked as soon as you start playing them. 

In this article, we will mention some of the best games that trended in 2021, and you can try to make your 2022 a year full of fun! So, let’s get going. 

Words with Friends

Everything that this game has to offer resides in its name. This casual game lets you venture around a battle of words with any opponent as you see fit. You can play this game with any family member, friend, co-worker, or relationship! 

This game gives the players a combination of letters. Note that the player has to form a word by utilizing the provided letters only. You must score more points than your opponent to win the game. This game is also a good exercise for keeping your mind fresh and active, including all the vocabulary you will develop! 


According to Sportskeeda, over four or three million players play Fortnite daily! Reading that states that it’s safe to say that Fortnite is the most famous option present on the list! 

There are not many who are unknown to Fortnite. However, if you are, let us give you a little breakdown of what this game has in store for you. This family-friendly game features a battle royale that pits numerous players against each other. This game further offers various challenges to its players, making it more fun and challenging. These qualities keep the players hooked on this game for long hours! 

Furthermore, the developers of this game are too active and participate in making the game more fun by sending regular updates to the game maps and adding various new items and quests. 


If there were any game that would get an award for being evergreen, it would be Minecraft. Minecraft has stuck around for a better part of the decade and hasn’t lost a bit of style or fun. 

The number of players in Minecraft is only increasing further with time! You can play Minecraft online with eight friends using your computers. This game gives you the freedom to craft anything you want to without filling any requirements or facing any consequences. 

In conclusion, Minecraft is the perfect game for killing time and brushing up your creativity. However, if you prefer games to be more challenging, Minecraft also has a solution for you: Survival Mode. Survival mode will have you looking for all the resources and will not include any freebies. 

NBA 2K20

This is the game that every basketball fan lives for! Unsurprisingly, this game has received votes for being the favorite game of basketball fans. 

The NBA gives the player a chance to play with their favorite team and players on the basketball court and conjure up any match they want to play. This game adheres to the real spirit of basketball, as players can finish the season and play through the playoffs while they sit on the sidelines waiting for the season to begin again! 

As a single player, you will control an entire basketball team on the court against your opponent. You have to chalk up some impressive points and ensure that your opponent doesn’t catch up to you and victory is yours!

Sea of Thieves 

Our world often makes us want to seek an escape from the current state. And this game offers you just that! As you play this game, you will be taken further away from reality towards the beautiful beaches and some pirate action! 

Sea of Thieves is an open-world game in which the player plays as a pirate and is given many choices. Your objective is to seek treasures and discover the tales there are to be located in the game. 

Furthermore, the game also allows you to combat other pirates by giving away the pink slips of their bounties. Whoever wins the battle walks away with the prize. 


Let us mention something that will remind you of the good old days. Monopoly is the perfect choice for revisiting the old days!  

It’s improbable for someone to be unfamiliar with the game of monopoly. However, no worries if you are, as we will explain it to you! Monopoly is a board game where you can play against four competitors. 

The game aims to collect the most properties and bankrupt the other players. You are given currency, and you gain money as you complete circulating the board. As soon as someone in the game gets bankrupt, there are immediately disqualified from the game! The game aims to collect the most properties and bankrupt the other players. 

Color Frenzy

Puzzle games are among the best games for killing some spare time on your hands. Color Frenzy by Unlimited Gamez Mo is the only puzzle game you will ever need to play! 

Among the many best parts of this game, this game will put your reflexes to the test. The player must make the possible combination in a race against time. And as the time runs out, the adrenaline rush will have your reflexes reacting quickly and making combinations rapidly. 

As you put together the combinations, you will receive more time to perform more combinations. Do your best, set your high score, and challenge your friends to a fun challenge! 


For FPS lovers, this Sci-Fi military game is everything you need! There have been quite some halo games by far. And considering the fanbase of Halo, it’s safe to call all of them successful. 

As we wait for the upcoming Halo game, the best thing to do is sit back and cherish the old games with your friends! Halo gives you the gamer vibes with the headset communication and pc-favored controls. 

Fight against various online players or beat the game’s campaign mode to spend quality time! 

Grand Theft Auto V online: 

Grand theft auto V is easily the most famous game of the past decade for all the right reasons. 

This game comes along with an excellent interactive story mode in the virtual city of Los Angeles. The game offers three different characters to the player. Every character has unique abilities and is special in their way. 

We are sure you will want more of the game once you are through the story mode! And that is where the online way comes in. Because if you thought the campaign mode was fun, wait until you try out the online mode of GTA V. 

You start from the bottom in a world full of other players. Having friends in GTA V online mode can take you a long way, as it is nearly impossible to survive alone at the beginning of the online mode. 

8 Ball Pool: 

We are sure that you remember your pre-quarantine life. You must have at least once gone to a bar with your friends and played a game of pool or snooker. 

Here’s your chance to revisit that thrilling episode or try it out for the first time! 8 Ball bool is one of the best digital games to try on your phone as it gives you a unique experience. 

There are 17 total balls that the user needs to pot. You have to choose a type. Whoever gets the opening shot and pots the ball receives the deciding shot; If you shoot a striped ball, you will need to pot in all the striped balls and then the black ball to win. However, if you hit a solid ball, you must put in all the solid balls and then the black ball. Don’t pot the black ball without potting other balls first, or the game will end before you know it! 

Among Us: 

Who’s the imposter? You? Us? 

Let’s find out over a game of Among us! In this game, you will be playing together with many other people. Your characters will be working together on a spaceship. However, there is a twist. 

The game will make one of the players chosen at random an impostor. As an impostor, it will be your objective to eliminate other players from the game. As soon as someone notices a player missing, they can call for a vote about thinning out the impostor. 

Now, no one knows who the impostor is. However, regardless of whether the right or wrong person is chosen, the person voted as an impostor is ejected from the spaceship into space! 

An Overview

2021 was a great year for gaming, with many exciting releases across various platforms. As a gamer, it can be tough to choose just a few favorites from the year. However, after careful consideration, I’ve narrowed my top picks to just a few games that stood out to me.

“Deathloop” One of my all-time favorite games of 2021 was “Deathloop.” This game is a first-person shooter with an intriguing storyline that kept me engaged throughout. The game’s time-loop mechanic allowed for multiple playthroughs, each with its own set of challenges and surprises. The gameplay was smooth, the graphics were stunning, and the game’s soundtrack was exceptional.

“Resident Evil Village” Another game that I loved in 2021 was “Resident Evil Village.” This game is the eighth installment in the “Resident Evil” franchise and is a survival horror game set in a mysterious village. The game’s graphics and atmosphere were top-notch, and the story kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The game’s bosses were challenging, and the combat was satisfying, making it a truly memorable experience.

“It Takes Two” “It Takes Two” is a co-op platformer that was released in 2021, and it quickly became one of my favorite games of the year. The game’s unique storyline, which follows a couple who have turned into dolls, was heartwarming and emotional. The gameplay was fun and challenging, and the game’s levels were varied and creative. The game’s graphics and sound design were also excellent, making it a must-play for gamers.

Final Words

Here are all the games that reflect every good thing about 2021! These games are some of the most entertaining titles you can find in the gaming world. 

You will have a blast as you try out these fantastic games. The developers of these games have worked too hard and tirelessly to make them worth their time. And considering how well these games have turned out, it’s safe to say that they have succeeded!