Last Updated on April 19, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

The Star of the Month program at Fortune Coin Casino has received a ton of attention online and on social media. This is particularly interesting as it is not very common for an online casino to make headlines for a promotion or event, indicating that there is a little more to Fortune Coin Casino’s Star of the Month compared to most other promotions.  

In this article, we will take a look at what Fortune Coin Casino’s Star of the Month program is, the benefits that come from participating, and some other interesting features of this blossoming casino. Let’s dive right into it.  

How To Register at Fortune Coins Casino 

First and foremost, let’s take a quick look at how to sign up to Fortune Coin Casino. To sign up, simply go to Fortune Coin Casino’s website and click “Sign Up”. From here, you will be asked to give various details, like your name, phone number, date of birth, and address. Congratulations! After filling in your details, you will be ready to go and you will even receive some free currency.  

There’s also an option to sign up with Facebook if you would like to go down that route. It can make the sign-up process even quicker than it already is. Either way, signing up is quick, simple, and hassle-free. 

What is Fortune Casino’s Star of the Month Program? 

So, what is Fortune Casino’s Star of the Month Program? Well, just as escape rooms and other entertainment establishments offer rewards and perks for people who come back often, this is the same premise with Fortune Casino.  

This program is available to players who play on a regular basis, with players being automatically selected based on their playtime in the last calendar month. The Star of the Month program comes with a ton of benefits, with just a few examples being personalized welcome bonuses, weekly rakebacks, extra rewards that change on a monthly basis, and even a personal account manager.  

The best part is that you can technically be enrolled without spending a penny if you manage to make smart use of any free virtual currency you acquire from events, promotions, and bonuses. However, there is a “soft” block that makes it unlikely for free players to get enrolled, due to the fact they likely won’t be able to accumulate enough playtime. 

Regardless, the Star of the Month program offers a ton of unique perks and bonuses for very little, and if you enjoy being rewarded for your loyalty, you may want to try and get enrolled.  

Would We Play at Fortune Coin Casino? 

A common question we get asked is whether or not we would play at Fortune Coin Casino. Simply put, yes. Fortune Coin Casino is a great sweepstakes casino that ticks all the boxes. It has a vast library of incredible games, great bonuses, an exceptional VIP program, good customer support, and so much more.  

This casino has also been optimized for mobile¾something that is incredibly important when you factor in the recent rise of mobile gaming. It has everything you could want from a sweepstakes casino, giving players so much and asking for very little in return. 

However, it is still a sweepstakes casino. You are unable to play with real money at Fortune Coin Casino, and while you can exchange the virtual currency for real-life rewards, this is something that can make a big impact on the experience. 

Of course, the sweepstakes casino format comes with a ton of advantages¾you don’t have to spend money, it can minimize problem gambling¾the list goes on. For some, these advantages make sweepstakes casinos the better choice when compared to regular online casinos¾they are both better suited to different types of people.  

To balance both the positives and negatives, we would most likely play Fortune Coin Casino alongside another regular online casino. This would give the best of both worlds, enhancing the positives and minimizing the negatives of both casino formats.  


Well, there you have it, you now know what Fortune Coin Casino’s Star of the Month program is, as well as what benefits come from taking part. As we have mentioned before, it is quite uncommon for a casino’s promotion to garner interest¾with so many promotions out there, it’s hard to get any attention at all.  

This just goes to show even more just how exciting Fortune Coin Casino’s Star of the Month program is to players. It seems as though this promotion has filled a gap in the market and managed to be exactly what players were looking for, and the amount of attention it is receiving is a glaring testament to this. 

If you are planning on trying Fortune Coin Casino’s Star of the Month program, or trying online gambling at all for that matter, make sure you do so responsibly. Walk away when on a losing streak, don’t spend more than you can afford, and always remember that gambling is just a hobby, not a viable way of making money. See you next time!