The Different Types of Shower Doors Explained

Last Updated on January 8, 2024 by Umer Malik

When you don’t know about the types of shower doors, you won’t know which ones will fit your needs, decor, and budget. In the best-case scenario, this will merely lead to temporary decision paralysis. In the worst case, you’ll end up buying, and maybe even installing, a door that you hate. 

Luckily for you, this article will list and describe some common shower door options for you. If you want or need to learn more about this subject, read on. 

Styles of Shower Doors: Glass

A glass company will have many glass styles available for glass shower doors. These can range from clear to different patterns. 

Clear Glass

Like a window, this glass type offers the perfect view into a shower. It has the advantages of looking clean and letting light in.

However, clear glass kinds of shower doors are not the most private. They also reveal streaks and fingerprints easily. 

Tinted Glass

Darker colors make this glass difficult to see through. The same goes for shower doors made of this colored glass. This gives you privacy, but it lets little light get through. 

Textured Glass

There are a variety of texture options for the glass of a shower door. You can choose rain, frosted, and all kinds of decorative patterns.

These have the advantage of pairing better with certain decors. They’re also more private and let light in easily. However, it may be difficult to clean some of the texture options available.

Types of Shower Doors: Movement

How your shower door opens can make it easy or difficult to move within your bathroom. Thus, when you’re picking the best shower doors, it’s best to keep your bathroom’s size and shape in mind. 


A fixed shower door is arguably not a door at all. Instead, it’s a non-movable glass panel that sits on one side of your shower. An open space beside it serves as the shower opening. 

This can be great if you don’t want to deal with operating a door. However, you need to make sure that your shower won’t flood your bathroom. 


Like a regular room door, this type of shower door opens and closes in one direction. It has the advantage of working with many types of showers. However, it’s not great for a small bathroom as it takes up space when it opens. 


The doors in a sliding system will hang on a track that sits at the top of a shower. A user can then push these doors to the left or right as they choose. 

This shower door type can be difficult to install and may not work on a smaller shower. However, these doors work well with frameless designs. They also make showers easy to enter. 

Once you understand the types of shower doors, you can easily find the best one. Weigh all the pros and cons in terms of price and your bathroom’s size, shape, and decor. After careful consideration, you’re sure to succeed. 

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