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The business brochure is an important business tool that many companies neglect.

You can use a business brochure for various purposes, such as sharing company information and providing product details and benefits. The business brochure also provides a way to promote your business in the most professional manner possible.

Unfortunately, many people do not take advantage of this opportunity. This is a huge business faux pas.

If you want your business to stand out from the competition, you need impressive business brochures. There is no better way to represent your business than with a quality business brochure.

When it comes to designing a brochure, there are several things you need to understand. This guide will provide you with business brochure design tips.

Read on to learn.

Ask Yourself Who Is the Target Audience?

The business brochure is your business’ “calling card.” When you hand it to someone, they are receiving the business’ representation in printed form. The business brochure allows you to represent yourself at the highest level of professionalism.

So, who should see this business brochure? Are you selling a service or product? What type of person buys that service or product?

Who would be interested in learning more about the company? Your mission statement and values?

Basically, think about the target audience that will receive or read this business brochure. Will it be business owners? Would it interest investors or a business venture partner?

If you target business owners, the business brochure should contain information on what business owners need to know. If you market your business to investors, focus on the financial aspects and why an investor would want to invest in your business. If the potential customer is not a business owner or investor, focus on benefits that will catch their attention and motivate them to read more.

For example, if you are selling luxury cars, the appropriate business brochure would likely look different than if you were selling used cars. The tone of the writing should match with the audience as well.

Ask Yourself Who Is the Target Audience?

Consider the Distribution Area

When you develop the business brochure, consider the audience and delivery area.

Are you trying to reach a specific neighborhood? Are your customers located in an area with a low population density? Or are they scattered across several different states or countries?

How will your business brochure be distributed? Handing out paper copies to prospective customers is an ideal way to get new leads. However, this may not be practical for everyone.

Your distribution method will influence the overall design of the business brochure. A business brochure delivered through direct mail needs to stand out as more professional than a paper copy you hand out on the street.

That being said, you mustn’t neglect any opportunity to market your business. If handing out paper copies makes sense for who you are targeting and where they live, make sure that there is room in the overall design for this option.

What Message Do You Want To Pass?

The best business brochure should have a message. What is the overall purpose of your business? Whatever you decide, keep it simple.

The best way to accomplish this is to try and answer one question: what does my company do?  This may sound easy, but many businesses struggle with answering this question.

A clear mission statement will set the stage for everything else that you include in your business brochure. And that includes making sure that you are targeting the right audience.

If you can’t articulate the purpose behind your business, how can customers understand it? Not having a clear message means wasted opportunities.

Be concise. Everything about designing the business brochure needs to communicate an intended message. 

The business brochure is not the place to list every product or service that your company offers. For example, if you own a rock climbing gym, do not explain how yoga classes are also offered to clients. This will complicate the design of your business brochure and distract from the overall purpose of attracting new customers to rock climbing lessons.

Choose Brochure Type

There are many different types of business brochures. The standard type is a tri-fold brochure, which folds in thirds to create a small booklet.

Another option is an accordion fold brochure. This design allows you to expand the space that your business has for information. A disadvantage is that it can be awkward for some people to carry around and read.

This may not be ideal for some businesses looking for more leads. However, if you want customers to take time to read about your services or products, this would be ideal.

You can also choose from several other options: booklet, gatefold, z-fold, and various other options.


Product and Service Options

Do you have a limited number of offerings? Or are you looking to expand your services or products by including something new on the business brochure?

If you’re trying to add additional options, these items must stand out as different from everything else. They should also be simple and easy to understand. Think marketing copy.

When working with an existing product or service line, ensure adequate space for each item and its description in the overall design. You want this information to be visible right away.

Also, consider which offers will help grow your customer base most effectively. Are there certain products that appeal more to people who live nearby or do not have much money?

When it comes to digital print advertising, you need more than business brochures. There are door hangs, posters, postcards, among other options. To excel in print advertising, you need to work with a full service provider of digital print products.

Design Winning Business Brochures

The business brochure needs to communicate a clear message. It should also provide relevant information about a limited number of new or existing offerings for customers. You need to be concise and choose the right format for your audience and available space.

It’s important to note that this type of document is not a repurposed version of your website or marketing materials. The goal of business brochures is to create something different altogether. Something focused specifically on attracting new customers in person, at an event or trade show.

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